In-Country Reviewer Role in The Translation Project


Uptake of the in-country review process is incredibly common among businesses that see that local market experts add a tremendous amount of value to the whole translation project. The in-country review itself is seen as one of the best practices when it comes to improving translation quality, especially in marketing and sales materials.

Technically, it’s simply a step in the translation process where the translated files are returned to you for a review of the translated content; so why is such a role so crucial when it comes to business translation? Read about the role of the in-country reviewer in a translation project and decide for yourself.

The Localization Factor

An in-country reviewer is usually a person who is not only a native speaker of the target language but also a specialist in a specific field. In fact, when you use the services of an advanced translation platform, you should know that you are not only supposed to simply send your files for translation. You are supposed to provide information about specific aspects of your company’s products and services. At Text United, we take this aspect incredibly seriously, so that our linguists can inform the world about your business.

Text United works with the best translators to ensure the highest translation quality for your projects. They are native speakers with experience in your domain, and we ensure that their professional skills and dedication produce the best results throughout your project.

Our aim is that the translation represents your company in the local market and properly reflects all specific aspects and nuances of your product and services. To ensure this, we enable translators to refer to insider information gleaned from your company by working closely with a person appointed by you: an In-Country Reviewer (ICR), who can help shape the translation exactly the way your company wants it.

The role of communication

What is the key to any project? Communication! Especially when it comes to communication between the members of the team. The Text United system enables communication throughout the whole translation process, so a translator can ask about any particular segment by leaving a comment, which is sent to the In-Country Reviewer in an email. The ICR can leave their answer in the same comment section within the project.

comments section

Additionally, the ICR can check the translation for a style of language and phrasing and suggest edits to make sure that the target language truly represents the product or service of your company. Any special terminology describing a specific process or product can be clarified right away between translators and ICRs during the translation process.

The result? You avoid any additional reviews and you receive the final translation faster. To enable this option, you need to simply contact your Text United project manager.

With a couple of clicks, and at no extra cost, your In-Country Reviewers will be able to communicate insider information to the translators for the best possible translation of your content. That’s the best part!

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