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Author: Dorea Kordic

translation memory management

A Short Introduction to Translation Memory

What is Translation Memory and why is it important? Translation Memory is a database that continually captures translations as translators work on translation projects. Enterprise Translation Management Systems, such as TextUnited, can reuse existing translations, directly eliminating the need for…

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XLIFF localization translation

Translation of XLIFF files

What is XLIFF? XLIFF is a dedicated XML-based format standardising data with language-related content. The standard improves the exchange interoperability of such data between systems. XLIFF format lets translators concentrate on translating the text without worrying about text layout or…

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in country reviewer

The In Country Reviewer Role in Translation

When talking about the importance of localization, we often overlook the integral people who make it possible. An In-Country Reviewer, or ICR, offers an elegant solution when it comes to translation and localization. Generally speaking, an ICR will be a…

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terminology management

How To Make The Best of Terminology Management?

Terminology management for high quality translation Terminology management is a crucial component when it comes to translations. Most companies will have not only industry-specific terms but also brand-specific ones. These can range from product names or marketing taglines to more…

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How to import legacy terminology from Termbase

Before we talk about the positive sides of having a Termbase, let us clearly define Termbase as a database containing terminology and related information. Terminology, also known as Company Dictionary, is a dominant part of a translator’s workflow. It consists…

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5 Tips For Localizing Your Content Into Japanese

  The islands of Japan contain the world’s third-largest economy. Consequently, the amount of content produced and localized to and from Japanese can leave anyone a little bit lost at sea. If you have done your research and plan to…

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