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Embrace the enhanced machine translation in your translations.

Advance your localization by deploying highly sophisticated technologies on our simple-to-use language platform.

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Why are machine translations so good and can be even better?

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TextUnited uses only neural machine translation engines to generate the first versions of translations.
The engines deploy neural networks to generate translations by looking at probabilities of particular words’ sequences, taking into account links between the whole source sentence and the already-produced target output.
Such an approach allows for very good translation quality. Translators can further improve it, and the system can automatically re-train the engines with your corrected translations.

Cornerstones of our machine translation methodology

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Simplicity and Flexibility –Regardless of your knowledge of machine translation, machine learning and natural language processing, we created an easy path for you to deploy such technologies without a steep learning curve.
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Terminology loop – TextUnited automatically recognizes terminology in your content and creates glossaries for each project. Translators and your team enrich the dictionaries and approve terms on the fly while translating. Agreed terms are fed into machine translation engines to improve outcomes.
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Recycling and training – All human translations are stored in the translation memory. TextUnited then retrains your custom engine periodically with this newly-translated content, creating a reuse and training process that works continuously.
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The best engine for the job –  TextUnited connects you with the best machine translation vendors for given language combinations and your domain. In special cases, you can also use the private machine translation engine, fully customized by TextUnited.

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Enhanced translation process powered by AI

Enhanced translation process powered by AI
Machine translation is an improvement loop
As human language experts correct your translations and store them in the translation memory, your machine translation engine is constantly trained.
Customize machine translation with terminology
Customize machine translation with terminology
Get accurate machine translation output with your approved terminology.
Build your company terminology with AI support
Build your company terminology with AI support
Automatically categorize your content and create dedicated terminology databases for each category. Enrich the terminology with help from AI and your domain specialists.
Manage the sophisticated process via a simple-to-use user interface
Manage the sophisticated process via a simple-to-use user interface
An easy-to-use and automated language system and self-driving use by your team and translators are critical to successfully implementing AI in your localization.

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Constantly Learning

Make use of our MT engines and harness the power of an advanced AI-driven translation solution

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Is TextUnited better than Google Translate?

We allow you to connect to your preferred technology from within our system. The default machine translation we use is Google Translate API from the Google Cloud Platform. Still, we also give you options of using other machine translation engines such as DeepL (your key), Microsoft Translator or others. For premium accounts, we can provide our private TextUnited NMT engine.

What sort of AI is used in translation?

TextUnited uses neural machine translation engines, and we give you the option to select the best MT vendor for your language needs and complexity of project. This can all be done in our system and you can connect directly, giving you the power to pick and choose.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Translation

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