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A complete solution for making your website a global marketing powerhouse. An SEO-friendly and easy-to-use system for rapid and continuous web localisation.


14 days. No credit card. 100% satisfaction.
Translate WordPress - Multilingual Website Translation Plugin
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Localize your website fast

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TextUnited addresses the complexity of web and social content localization. We deploy automated workflows and machine translation infused with your preferred terminology and seamlessly integrate the human element to deliver the final touches.
Using our overlay technology, translators can check translations in the full context of a live website.
We’re here to help at each stage of the set-up process and beyond. Allowing you to concentrate on delivering multilingual content not just accurately but authentically too.
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How can I translate my website?

A Complete Multilingual Solution
Choosing a translation methodology and the necessary language technology for website translation is a complex decision.
We offer the best options for website translation, including TextUnited’s built-in web scanner to collect content from your website, file-based translation of XLIFF, XML and HTML files and connectors to various CMS systems with a dedicated plugin for WordPress.
Human translation and machine translation both have their pros and cons. TextUnited offers a solution that takes the best aspects of both and combines them to form a complete multilingual solution for translating your website. It provides the speed and low cost of machine translation combined with the understanding and context afforded by a human translator.
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Fast website translations at a fraction of the cost.

Multilingual site translation
Tailor-made – We customize our approach based on your enterprise size, goals and language combinations. This means no matter your budget and needs, we will offer a solution to translate your website that fits.
Multilingual site translation
Awareness – Increase your visibility by translating your website for new audiences in your target markets. From content to SEO, translating your website is the perfect way to bring more traffic to your website by increasing the likelihood of being found through organic searches.
Multilingual site translation
Recycling and training – All translations done by humans are stored in your Translation Memory and automatically used again. The more of your website you translate, the more affordable it becomes. Applying your custom terminology with the machine translation engine and translators’ workflow dramatically increases your website’s linguistic quality.
Multilingual site translation
Automated workflows – Translating your website doesn’t have to be a continuous battle. If you have a large or frequently changing site, being able to automate translation can drastically cut down on the amount of admin that is often involved in translating a website.
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Website translation features

Website Translation Features and Integrations
Quick Setup
When you want to translate a website, it doesn’t need to be complicated or entail manual work. Your website can be reviewed by your internal reviewers and our linguists through TextUnited’s managed service. This is a click-and-go process with complete visibility.
Website Translation Features and Integrations
Machine Translation
Our advanced machine translation engines – with a choice of hundreds of languages – will allow you to quickly translate your website. Then, decide what to refine by taking language nuances into account alongside the subtleties of your brand, product or service.
Website Translation Features and Integrations
Website scanner
With our website scanner, you can simply input your domain and press start. Our technology will do the hard part in collecting and machine translating your website.
Website Translation Features and Integrations
WordPress Integration
If you build your website on WordPress, you are in luck! With our WordPress plugin, translating your WordPress website has never been easier. Start localizing your website today by taking advantage of our WordPress translation plugin.
Website Translation Features and Integrations
Overlay Editor
After machine translation of your entire website, you can get one of our language experts or even one of your own translators to use our simple Overlay Editor to make changes and proof the language of the newly translated website in context.
Website Translation Features and Integrations
Knowledge Base, Support Articles & Guides
Translating your website doesn’t stop with your basic content. An important part of providing a complete multilingual solution is in offering your target audience a way to receive support in their preferred language. Made even easier with our Zendesk, Confluence and Salesforce integrations.
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Translate a WordPress website

Translate a WordPress Website
A multilingual translation plugin, offering SEO friendly translations, complete with a customizable language selector? You read it right! Our WordPress translation plugin combines the best aspects of our award-winning system and makes them available from your WordPress dashboard, all without the need for coding.

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14 days. 100% satisfaction.
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Not for an average

TextUnited website translation tech and methodology cover a broad range of use cases, so whatever your needs, we’ll have you covered. Contact us to find out how to kickstart your website translation project today.

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How much does Website Translation cost?

Assuming your landing pages have on average 500 words:

  • automatic translation of each landing page will cost approximately 0.12€ (0.135$)
  • human correction of the automatic translation will cost approximately 10€ (11.3$) per landing page. Human cost varies depending what languages are involved.

Note: in most cases you are going to go with the human correction on the key landing pages only- for instance the marketing content. For such use case you need a system which can manage this process for the whole website, where part are translated by a machine and some other parts are corrected by a human.

for more info check TextUnited Pricing

What content should be translated for friendly multilingual SEO?

If you want visitors to find your website through search engine queries formulated in other languages, you need to translate the following elements of your website:

  • Visible content (text, images and other media) on landing pages
  • Invisible content of the website like pages’ metadata, descriptions, titles, headers, alt tags etc.
  • User Interface like menu, widgets, footer, theme elements
  • Dynamic content and java scripts
  • Hreflang tags
  • Strings which compose URL addresses

Does TextUnited provide the server-side translation?

Yes, when a user is using TextUnited WordPress plugin. In this case, pages are reaching visitor’s browser already translated.

If a user uses TextUnited build-in scanner to prepare a website for translation, translation happens on the client-side by utilising a java snippet embedded on the home page of the website.

Where are my website translations stored?

When TextUnited WordPress plugin is used, the translations are stored in your TextUnited account and buffered in your WordPress. This means, they are available to your visitors directly from your WordPress.

If a website’s content was prepared for translation by TextUnited build-in scanner, the translations are stored primarily in your TextUnited account. They are loaded to visitors’ browser using our content delivery network by default. Optionally, you can decide to buffer them on your server too. In this case visitors will be able to get translations from your server directly.

Translate WordPress - Multilingual Website Translation Plugin

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