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with Expert Marketing Localization
Delivering a product or service to an international market is no small feat. Aside from the logistical element, you need to be able to engage with an entirely new customer base. Their ability to find, understand and connect with your brand will be integral to your success. Meeting them on the channels of their choice, in the language of their choosing is the best place to start. Read on to see how we can support you in unlocking new markets through Marketing Localization.


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Unlock New Markets

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How does localization help unlock new markets?

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Unlock New Markets – The act of introducing a product or service to an international market has a name; internationalization or i18n. Internationalization and localization often go hand in hand, and with good reason.
Localization is the act of adaption that renders something viable for a target market. It goes beyond the basics of translation, encompassing geographical differences in a language, cultural and political nuances, and anything that would be expected or defined by a specific location.
Maintaining continuity across varying continents, countries and languages will allow you to speak one clear message in a multitude of voices. Managing your translation and localization in one place with direct and clear collaboration between the necessary parties can make this a reality. Likewise, leveraging our powerful machine translation means the leg work is handled with speed and efficiency, supporting your Localized Marketing Strategy.

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Meet new markets, on their terms

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SEO Translation allows your foreign-language leads to easily find you. There remains a misconception that everyone searches the internet in English, it couldn’t be further from the truth.
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Data Compliance and standards differ across regions and countries – meaning local expertise is required. Our team and network are multinational and extensive, and you have full access to it!
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A Collaborative Translation Environment allows you to orchestrate all the necessary members of your team (or ours), making localization of your content effortless. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and email chains.
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Reviews and Feedback re some of the first things potential customers will look for before making a purchase. Being able to read and write a review in their native language will further empower your foreign-language leads. Kumul, is a powerful tool developed with the express purpose of managing this element.

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Features and Integrations

Translation Management System
Translation Management System (TMS)
The TextUnited TMS is a robust Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tool packed with powerful features to expedite your ability to break ground in new markets
Graphics & Imagery
Important to any digital product, the cultural and linguistic localization of graphics, symbols, images and videos means all your content is aligned to a specific market
Being able to quickly create multilingual versions of web pages allows your target audience to actively engage with your product or service. Our WordPress Plugin handles this seamlessly
Translation Management System
Website Translation via CMS
For sites not built through WordPress, our CMS Crawler can pull all the content from your web pages and create translations projects with the TextUnited portal
Multilingual Customer Support
Our Zendesk solutions allow for quick and accurate engagement with your customers when they reach a pain point, where speed and accuracy are integral for understanding and solving a problem
File & Format Flexibility
Files and formats come in all shapes and sizes. TextUnited work with over 30 different files types and are always looking for ways to customise or augment a workflow to best suit your needs
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Multilingual deployments = target market traction

Rosenbauer inadvertently finds a company-wide solution.
Markus Dobler
Markus Dobler
Head of Technical Documentation
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One of the worlds largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles, for Rosenbauer, entering new markets alongside solidifying their position in existing ones required deploying multilingual solutions across a range of departments.
Custom solutions and workflows created to maximise how Rosenbauer could leverage the TextUnited system have allowed them to dramatically enhance their international presence.
The collaborative translation environment that TextUnited affords combined with powerful CAT Tool features supported by human talent provide a truly scalable turnkey solution to unlocking new international markets for any size business.

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Multilingual Marketing

Unlocking new markets means providing a stunning customer Experience. Localization is a key factor in winning over a target audience, retaining them, and turning them into local ambassadors. You can use our best translation and localization services to boost your multilingual marketing.

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How many languages does TextUnited translate?

TextUnited uses neural machine translation technology and works with hundreds of language experts to translate over 170 languages.

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Can I reach new customers with translation?

Yes. Doing something as simple as translating your website opens your business up to new language groups and therefore new markets. Not only this, but it allows customers in those languages to better find you and understand your offering and ultimately buy more (and most importantly, return to buy again).

Unlock New Markets

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