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Multilingual CX

for a global consumer-facing business.
Customers expect to hear from their favourite brands in their native language.


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Why bother with Multilingual Customer Experience?

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Customers will go through a lot to reach you and purchase your product or service, with numerous chances presented to divert to a competitor. Your brand, support and marketing will dictate their experience and whether they return and recommend, or simply leave. One of the most significant barriers you’ll encounter in reaching, converting and holding onto your customers is language.
Extending the reach of your enterprise beyond the borders of your market or even into existing foreign-language communities within it allows you to tap into a new market share with minimal effort and expense. Converting global customers and then empowering them to stay loyal to your brand is most readily accomplishable when the customer experience that you offer is multilingual.

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Suffuse your business with Multilingual CX

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Awareness – Omnichannel marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. Content needs to be tailored to be medium and more importantly market-specific. Translation is a great place to start but localization means you are hitting the right notes culturally too.
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Purchase – Most online consumers would rather “think, act, and buy in their own language”. By localizing catalogues, currencies, payment options, T&Cs and reviews for your target market, you’ll encourage your customers to ‘feel at home’ and at ease.
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Adoption – With maximum understanding and engagement, your customers can become brand ambassadors. Enabling them to engage with your offering and brand at the highest capacity possible by translating all the materials associated with them.
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Retention – Multilingual omnichannel support is the gold standard. Instructions, help articles, FAQs, messaging, social media and AI chatbots can and should be available in the languages prevalent in the markets you serve or intend to.
Expansion – “Customer Success is where 90% of the revenue is”. If you can’t satisfy your existing customers it stands to reason you won’t keep your new ones long either. After-sale engagement is at its most effective when provided in a customer’s native language and Understanding marketing material will aid in your cross and upsell activities.

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Features and Integrations

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Multilingual support tickets
Allow for quick and accurate engagement with your global customers when they reach a pain point, without language being a barrier to understanding and solving a problem.
E-commerce localization
E-commerce localization
Multilingual versions of e-commerce pages allows your target audience to actively engage with your products or services. Localize product descriptions, payment user interface and options, T&Cs and reviews for your target market.
Multilingual support content
Multilingual support content
Enable self-service help for your multilingual user base directly via Zendesk, Salesforce, and Confluence connectors or integrate with any other system through various file exchanges.
Omnichannel multilingual content
Omnichannel multilingual content
Connect with your foreign audiences via surveys, audio and video, so they are stronger engaged with your brand. Work with professional linguists and translators and convey your brand’s story in many languages.
User manuals localization
User manuals localization
Customers are more likely to be satisfied with a product if they understand its manual. Comply with regulations: In many countries, there is a legal requirement to provide user manuals in the local language.
Fast business translations
Fast business translations
Centralize translation of your legal content, including contracts, offers, terms and conditions in the collaborative, secure and cost-effective translation system.
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Can true CX exist in a language vacuum?



Measuring sustainable business practices right down the supply chain
CX exist in a language vacuum


“Context is king in understanding farmer realities in diverse regions of the world,” says Louise Salinas, Director of Administration for COSA. “That’s why getting the language in our surveys right – both the literal translations and the contextual references – is crucial for us.”
Supporting forward thinking enterprises to better reach and better serve, both upstream and downstream, is an important part of TextUnited’s strategic direction. Combining various features and integrations with a customer-centric and feedback-driven approach means we can customise our multilingual customer support solution to your business, no matter the industry, size or goals.

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Multilingual CX, delivered

CX leaders have stated that the ability to quickly adapt to the changing needs of customers was their biggest pain point of 2022 and the highest priority going forward.
Meeting your consumers where, when and how they desire across the customer journey will help nurture brand loyalty. Be nimble and willing to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

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Does TextUnited provide customer support solutions?

Yes. We can help you translate any communication touchpoint that you have with your clients, whether it be support via Zendesk, emails, forms or something else. We want to help you to speak the languages of your customer base, wherever in the world they are!

Does multilingual customer experience help conversion rates?

Yes. Not only this, but multilingual customer experience increases loyalty of existing clients and overall retention rates. It is becoming a must have, and is not just one single product. We will work with you to tailor a range of solutions that best serve your current customers and allow new customers to see you and buy with you. We take a personal approach to customer experience.

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