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Simplify Video Subtitles and Transcription with TextUnited

TextUnited Video Subtitles and Transcription empower your video content to resonate with users all over the planet, in any language.


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Video Transcription Subtitles

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Video content is your top priority

In this fast-moving digital era, Video Transcription and Subtitling across your organization are more important than ever. Whether it’s in webinars, social media promotions, courses, or tutorials, the number of videos being created, digested, shared, and promoted is increasing at an alarming rate.
The gold standard is getting your video content in front of any audience in any country and any language. That is why multilingual subtitles and transcriptions are so important. By translating the titles, descriptions and subtitles of your videos, you are guaranteed to increase your traffic and views.
To allow your target audience to easily read, understand, and convert on the message you are promoting, we have developed smart Multilingual Subtitles and Transcriptions technology to keep costs down whilst maintaining the quality and feel of your campaign.

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Subtitling & Transcription as you need it

Don’t be misled by the elegant and intuitive nature of our UI – beneath the hood is a dynamic suite of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to simplify and expedite your translation process.
Video Subtitles and Transcription
Upload your video or audio files. Leave the rest to magic. Feed TextUnited Video Subtitles and Transcription with your files and we will transcribe, timestamp and prepare them for translation automatically.
Generate translated subtitles
Generate translated subtitles using your company custom machine translation. Make sure translation follows your brand guidelines and terminology in all the languages. Use closed captions to engage more and more users and boost your SEO.
Fine tune translations by humans

Fine tune translations by humans. Quality assurance included. Allow translators final touch translations, their timing and length within TextUnited editor and embedded live preview.

subtitling & transcription
Produce translated videos on one platform, at scale. Keep all files, projects and teams on a purpose-built platform. No more file sharing with strangers, status chasing by e-mails or project management by Excel sheets.


Powerful technology guided by AI

Insights from your media files
Uncover hidden details in multilingual video & audio, at scale. We help you to analyse multilingual content and truly understand your foreign audiences.
Capture Multilingual Video & Audio Feedback
Find out what exactly your local consumers think about your brand. Understand how they are interacting with your product – fully in their context, without the language barrier.
Subtitling & Transcription
Allow your team to work productively and efficiently
Set up a safe, closed workspace to capture, process and analyze video and audio gathered via smartphones.

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Go Global

Make your content multilingual and therefore reach a whole new and important audience across the world, driving revenue and customer retention

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How does subtitling work?

You feed media files into our system and we will transcribe, timestamp and prepare them for translation. You can do this with many languages, meaning you can utilise the same piece of video content in multiple markets!

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Can I use subtitling for free?

We have a Free Plan that is limited in the amount of words you can translate. Check out TextUnited Pricing options here.

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