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AI Translation Software Built for Teams

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TextUnited platform transforms your content into a valuable asset, which, coupled with a built-in computer-assisted translation tool, unlocks unprecedented benefits from deploying translation AI in your business.
Bring all your content, marketing, product & translation teams on one platform that leverages advancements in neural machine translation, natural language processing, and large language models. Increase your team’s velocity and speak a single brand voice across all markets.


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Translation Software Built Process

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It all starts with data.

Translation Software
Language data is your company’s strategic asset that enhances content quality, cultivates your unique brand voice, and fuels business growth. It powers all the intelligence in the TextUnited toolbox, including our translator working environment (CAT tool and Quality estimates), Machine Translation Engines, and Generative AI, integral to our comprehensive language translation services.
TextUnited is a central repository for all your translation memories, glossaries, style guides, and more. It enables consistent use across all of your content streams, leveraging the latest advances in localization technology.
Using the TextUnited Platform, translators have access to the relevant language data right next to the translation they are working on, helping improve the quality and terminology consistency of your translations.
• By using the latest AI Translation Software powered by high-quality language assets, TextUnited helps reduce costs and shorten turnaround times.

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Key features of TextUnited AI & human-in-loop Translation Framework

Don’t be misled by the elegant and intuitive UI – beneath the hood is a dynamic suite of localization tools powered by the latest language AI technology that helps simplify and expedite your translation process.
Built-in Computer-assisted Translation Tool

Built-in computer-assisted translation tool

TextUnited has a built-in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool right into the platform. A translator workbench gives the linguist a user-friendly environment with easy access to translation memories and terminology tools. No 3rd party tools or integrations are needed. No extra costs.
Live Translation Memory

Live translation memory

Translation Memory Software keeps track of every translation made and reuses it in real-time so that you never translate the same item twice. It helps train neural machine translation and large language models to speed translations and improve quality.
Terminology Management

Terminology management

Managing brand terminology, product name lists and terms related to your unique lines of business is easy on TextUnited’s Platform. It helps keep a consistent brand voice and vocabulary across different languages and content types. It improves the quality of machine translation and reduces translator workload.
Fine-tuning Loop

Fine-tuning loop

Fine-tuning loop is refining translations by looping machine-translated content back through translator review. It boosts quality and enriches translation memory for future translation accuracy. It builds your language assets and ensures they stay high quality.
Centralized Language Assets

Centralized language assets

TextUnited can process your multilingual content to, automatically extract glossaries, and build translation memories. Once ready, your language assets get applied automatically in the background and improve with every translator’s correction, helping you increase quality and reduce costs in the long run.

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Translation Ai Engine

Translation AI engine

TextUnited comes with neural machine translation and large language models built-in. It supports all leading engines like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more. These models can be customized and trained to fit your use case and workflow.

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Translation Quality Assurance

Translation Quality Assurance

Getting translation right is hard, fortunately, TextUnited comes with several quality focused features like built-in query management or in-country and in-context review functionalities to help catch translation issues early on.


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Companies worldwide, big and small, are using our platform to optimize localization processes, reduce translation costs, and achieve international growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Translation Memory?

Translation memory is a database that continually captures translations as translators are working on your projects. It is created and maintained automatically by TextUnited and can be used again and again by your business.

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How many languages does the TextUnited translator support?

TextUnited uses neural machine translation technology and works with hundreds of language experts to translate over 170 languages.

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What is the TextUnited Terminology Manager?

The TextUnited Terminology Manager is a cloud-based tool to create, manage and approve company or product specific terminology. The terminology is used by the system to guide translators which terms to use and by the quality assurance features.

In premium accounts, the Terminology Manager is integrated with machine translation engines, so produce higher quality machine translation output.

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