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Translation Software

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TextUnited’s translation software is a fundation of a full-featured professional translation system designed to manage, streamline and scale your localization.


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It all starts with data.

Translation Software
With the TextUnited Translation Software, we begin by parsing language data from more than 36 file types (including audio and video), extracting the translatable content, then segmenting and cleaning it – thus optimising it for translation. Clean data is good data!
The extracted content is separated from any formatting, software code or other non-language related content, ensuring we only translate what needs to be translated. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), the translation process is augmented and assisted by powerful AI.
Translators are aided with entity recognition and terminology auto-extraction whilst Project Managers are able to further automate the process, taking into account the category of content, tone of voice and context sentiment.

The right tool for the job.

Don’t be misled by the elegant and intuitive nature of our UI – beneath the hood is a dynamic suite of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to simplify and expedite your translation process.
Translation Software
Integrate with your systems – Stay in sync with your content in Github, Zendesk, Salesforce, SharePoint and more by using our standard connectors or deploy your own integration via the powerful API.
Centralise data
Centralise data – Keep all of your translation data in one place to enable automatic reuse and safeguard its security and confidentiality.
Translate any media
Translate any media – Translate and transcribe text, video or audio in a unified, simple to use interface.
Translation Software
One end-to-end system for your team – Orchestrate your translation team’s work on an easy-to-use central platform. Allow internal stakeholders to access, contribute and monitor the performance in real time.
CAT tool for your translators
A free, on-line CAT tool for your translators – Engage with professional translators and make them part of your translation process directly via the web-based CAT tool, which is an integral part of your account.

So what is special about our translation software?

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Build translation teams from your staff and freelance translators for each language combination and domain.

Reflect the structure of your company in TextUnited and simplify the management of users.

Keep tabs on translation costs, even if projects are organized and translated internally.

Translate files in many formats, including PDF.

Translation memory is continuously collecting all your translations and reusing them for every new translation automatically.

Manage terminology specific to your company in one central location and reuse it automatically for all translation projects and training of machine translation engines.

Never start from scratch and import your language assets to leverage them instantly. Never be locked-in either. Export your translation data if you ever decide to leave TextUnited.

Import and export linguistic data in standard industry formats.

Build translation memory data from your previously translated files.

Be always up-to-date with the status of your translation projects.

Let users and translators be notified about all key events and actions to take which relate to their projects.

Be in known how much translation work is costing you and what savings TextUnited is making

Use the range of project management features to set up the projects exactly the way you want them and be immediately notified if something goes out of the tracks.

Decide how particular content should be translated. The options range from an instant machine translation to full human translation according to ISO 17100.

Estimate the total cost of translation, before it starts.

The system will generate translators’ invoices for all the work done at the end of a month.

Set up projects into many languages in a few clicks and manage them as a group.

Put a project on-hold for some time whenever you need to and kick it off again with a click of a button.

Set up projects which are continuously looking up new content for translation and adding it to the projects.

Decide when translation should be ready and published – up to a minute.

Use specific terminology for each project, if necessary. Enter and sign-off new terms as the project is progressing.

Launch a QA report anytime to spot inconsistencies and terminology problems early.

Answer translators’ questions and provide feedback directly in the system.

Allow your regional representatives to access translation as it is happening, so they can contribute and increase the accuracy and quality.

Save money by automatically deploying discounts for content reused from translation memory.

Warn translators about any problem in translation as soon as they are submitting a translated segment.

Provide all relevant terminology information for translators as soon as they enter a new segment to translate.

Upload screenshots, pdf files and style guides to add even more context for the translators, so they are well-equipped to produce superb translations.

Allow translators to search for previously translated material instantly, right when they need it.

Allow translators to see a preview of the website, webapp or a translated file, as they progress with translation.

Speed translations even further by enabling translators to use shortcuts for most common tasks.

With TextUnited it’s all possible

web apps
mobile apps
office documents
resource files
technical docs
support tickets
help articles
learning courses
product catalogs
landing pages
financial & legal documents
social posts

Recycled value, improved output.

Translation Software
Many content sources. One powerful reuse.
Whatever content type you translate, TextUnited translation software makes sure it will be translated only once and reused for all your content.
Quality assurance
Quality assurance at every stage.
Translation software let the system keep an eye on linguistic quality at every step of translation, regardless if translation is produced by machines or humans.
Translation Software
Continues projects, small and big.
Set up autonomous localization processes for micro but frequent projects and scale with TextUnited to deliver large localization projects at cost and speed not seen before.
Software Translation
You are in control.
TextUnited allows you to keep full control over your language data and to make sure it is never lost or forgotten.
Enhanced confidentiality and security of your data
Enhanced confidentiality and security of your data.
TextUnited reduces risk of your data leakage during translation as it does not rely on emails and the supply chain does not allow chaining of subcontractors.
Advanced analytics
Advanced analytics about cost and performance
Take a big data look at every aspect of your translation operations and identify weak links and drive decisions on improvements.

Streamlined processes optimal results.

Translation Software
Translation Software
Not all projects are created equal and by the same token, not all translations require meticulously human expertise. Select the required linguist quality level of translation necessary for each use case.
We offer built-in support services for translation processes, available with varying levels of human involvement in translation, proofreading and review to suit the needs of each project. From full-machine to all-human and varying degrees in between, you can adapt each project accordingly.
API Automation offers an elegant, programmable way of starting and executing projects and distributing translations depending on volume, expected turn-around times and/or translation quality levels.
Don’t waste your teams’ talent on administrative tasks. The TextUnited translation software can automatically prepare projects, orders, translation packages, even allocating and notifying translators. Work done by translators is quantified, calculated and costed – with invoices automatically generated periodically.

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Powerful API

Our REST API provides endless possibilities to set up localization exactly the way you want.

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Need to know more? Check…

What is Translation Memory?

Translation memory is a database that continually captures translations as translators are working on your projects. It is created and maintained automatically by TextUnited and can be used again and again by your business.

How many languages does the TextUnited translator support?

TextUnited uses neural machine translation technology and works with hundreds of language experts to translate over 170 languages.

What is the TextUnited Terminology Manager?

The TextUnited Terminology Manager is a cloud-based tool to create, manage and approve company or product specific terminology. The terminology is used by the system to guide translators which terms to use and by the quality assurance features.

In premium accounts, the Terminology Manager is integrated with machine translation engines, so produce higher quality machine translation output.

Translation Software

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