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Automate your localization process, manage projects within your team, order translation services, save time and money, and do it all from a single platform.

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A platform built to serve your localization needs

Reach global clients with our support through an efficient and automated localization workflow
Introduce your brand to foreign markets by communicating with your customers in their language.
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Organize people and workflows centrally, plug in a variety of content, and scale fast and efficiently using our platform.
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Go agile with software localization and let us help you integrate it into your development process. A global audience awaits you!
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Slick UI.     Wide range of features.     Great integrations.


Order professional translation services directly from the system

Project Management
Make our experienced project managers responsible for managing your projects. You will still maintain full visibility and control with everything that is happening with your jobs.
Human Translation
Take advantage of our capabilities to organize translations with the best mix of humans and machines, which include full-human translation, proofreading, and in-country review.
Localization Engineering
Our experienced team’s 360-degree approach covers everything from translation and formatting to preparing ready-to-print documents and marketing materials.
Voiceover and Subtitling
Media is a powerful communication tool when it speaks the language of your users. We will streamline the process of subtitling and voiceovers in a closed, private language environment.

Finally, a simple and elegant solution to putting translations on auto-pilot

The Text United Platform is intelligent, automated, and lightning-fast, so translating your content costs less and is ready even faster.

Things you can look forward to while using our products:

  • One-Click setup
  • Instant content processing
  • Auto allocation of machine and human translators
  • Very intuitive interface
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A solution for businesses in need of high-quality translation, and insanely great customer support

Our excellent support team will help you with technological or workflow related questions.
We can also train your users on how to use the system effectively.

“The secret behind their code and technology isn’t that it works,
or that it can scale, but is actually their people”

Tri-Vien Nguyen,
QA Engineer, Metagenics


From websites to software localization, we provide a one-stop platform for all your digital content.
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