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Computer Assisted Translation

User-friendly Translation Platform

We provide expert translations for businesses through AI-powered platform and world-class customer service.
TextUnited is the only translation and localization solution offering ad-hoc translation services for single documents and a translation platform for ongoing translation needs.
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14 days. No credit card. 100% satisfaction.
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TextUnited is service and a platform at the same time

TextUnited Translate
Get your documents translated right away. Upload your documents and pick a few options. Your translations will be ready soon. With TextUnited Translate you can:
  • Translate documents in popular file formats, including Microsoft Office and PDF files
  • Choose from up to 3 translation quality levels depending on your needs
  • Get your documents translated instantly or within hours and monitor progress in real-time
TextUnited Platform
Set up your translation cloud and build localization workflows instantly. Connect your content streams and users to make your business multilingual. With TextUnited Platform you can:
  • Set up and customize your translation system instantly by uploading your translation memories and glossaries
  • Build your translation team by inviting in-house translators or choosing some from TextUnited Marketplace
  • Integrate with your CMS, ticketing systems, and more to put translations on auto-pilot
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Why do businesses rely on TextUnited as their preferred localization partner ?

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TextUnited is a sophisticated yet simple translation software that includes all translation tools that you and your teams will ever need. Take your content from one language to another in the most efficient manner.
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Power of AI
Take your content to the power of AI! With technology like machine translation (MT) and the latest large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, TextUnited is the easiest way to start using AI for your content operations.
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Customer service
TextUnited offers self-service experience, allowing you to start at any time and get going in minutes. When needed, you can rely on TextUnited’s award-winning customer success teams to support you on every step of your journey.
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Top Brands Choose TextUnited for Excellence in Localization

Companies worldwide, big and small, are using our platform to optimize localization processes, reduce translation costs, and achieve international growth

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Revolutionize your translation process by deploying next-level AI translation platform
Reduce overhead costs and leave all admin tasks to machines while keeping your language data secure. Build a consistent brand voice of your own and leverage it across all your content streams, languages, and digital channels.
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What do customers say about TextUnited?

Stuart Gorman
Stuart Gorman
PHP Developer, Lead
Hands down, it is the ability to automate the translation request process. By using TU’s API, the translations are automatically collected and put into production as soon as they are ready.

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Markus Dobler
Markus Dobler
Head of Technical Documentation
We were able to reduce the time-to-market with simultaneous quality assurance with the involvement of various partners or subsidiaries in our process.

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Theo O’Donnell
Helena-Ulrike Marambio
Post Doctoral Research Associate
We are now in Strand One of the MAP project which involves scoping visits, literature reviews, community mapping and training of adult and child/youth facilitators in each of the four countries.

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TextUnited key features

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Content Automation
Get your content flowing effortlessly, no matter the file format or system. Easily connect to leading Content Management Systems or leverage API for custom integrations. With more than 30 supported file types, automate all your content operations.
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AI & Machine Translation
Increase speed and reduce costs of your translations by using built-in Translation Memories, Machine Translation, and Large Language Models. Never translate the same content twice and ensure consistency with centrally managed language assets.
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Translation Service & Translation Platform
TextUnited is one of a kind solution that blends an easy-to-use on-demand document translation service with a fully-fledged translation platform to automate your content workflows. Use one solution to support all your localization needs.

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What makes TextUnited different ?

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TextUnited combines state-of-the-art machine translation engines, and AI-powered terminology management, with a professional CAT tool, and a network of thousands of translators and subject matter experts.
TextUnited’s core translation technology is available as a translation service accessible via TextUnited Translate for any ad-hoc translation needs and TextUnited Platform – a SaaS translation platform that powers your content engine across all languages.

Best translation software 2023

Slick UI. Wide range of features. Great integrations.

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Find out more about TextUnited’s unique capabilities from review.

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