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Digital translation can be a complicated job, but the tool to
manage it shouldn’t be

  • The Text United Platform is intelligent, automated, and
    lightning fast, so your translations cost less and are ready
    even faster.

  • With the Self Service feature, you decide who will translate.
    Whether it is your team, a freelance translator, or tap into
    one of our machine translation engines.

  • Don’t have the time to organize your projects?
    No problem – our project management service is available
    24/7 to give you the support you deserve.

End-to-end localization for all digital content and products


End-to-end localization for all digital content and products

Whether you are a global enterprise, a startup, or anything in between,
Text United will help you automate translations and keep your clients satisfied.
We just happen to save you money too!

Website & E-commerce

Open your business to foreign markets
by translating your website, and
watch your sales increase.


Technical Documentation

Help your global users self-serve
by efficient and professional
product document translations.


Software & Apps

Increase the number of users by
adapting your software among
international audiences.




Finally a simple and elegant solution to putting translations on auto-pilot


With one-click setup, you can sync the
translation platform with sources of your
web content, software code, marketing
material or technical documentation.


Text United Translation Memory
remembers all your translations, so they
are always there, scrupulously reducing
costs and speeding up translations.


Built-in terminology intelligence
ensures that translators keep the
same voice across all of your content
and products in many languages.

A translation platform for businesses in need of high-quality translation

and insanely great customer support





“The secret behind their code and technology isn’t that it works,
or that it can scale, but is actually their people”

Tri-Vien Nguyen,
QA Engineer, Metagenics



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