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Software Localization

With the software market valued in the 100s of billions, customizing software localization to meet a user’s expectations is mandatory – meaning localization has become centre stage. Read on to see how we can support you to localize your software, apps and devices.


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What is software localization?

Software localization, or l10n, is about modifying digital products or digital experiences for users based on their language, country, culture and legal requirements. It is going beyond translating the “what”, and is all about adapting to the “how” of a new language.
Oftentimes the distance from the original means a localized digital product loses its value – and this can be a reason not to start the process in the first place. We streamline this process so that the localized version is every bit as great as the source version.
With a range of integrations, smart organisation and machine technology complimented by human expertise, our software localization allows you and your team to take the stigma out of this process – you can focus on developing great software and we will modify our approach to help you deliver a perfect localized version.

Agile localization on autopilot

Advanced API
Advanced API, we designed our API tool for any software localization process, meaning it’s easy to automate, import, download process, find and interface with the data
Data Compliance
Data Compliance and standards differ across regions and countries – meaning local expertise is required. Our team and network is multinational and extensive, and you have full access to it!
File Formats
File Formats across your digital assets mean this can become over-complicated and daunting. We work with your files and your environment such as XML, iOS strings, Java, JSON, PHP, XLIFF, XML, React and many more
Agile Management
Agile Management in our system means you can get translators from your side or from our expert resource pool into sync, continuously across the whole localization process.

Features and Integrations

Translation Management System
Translation Management System
With our advanced, collaborate working environment, you can run translation projects in parallel with the development of your source product meaning the entire production phase is streamlined
Graphics & Imagery
Graphics & Imagery
Important to any digital product, the cultural and linguistic localization of graphics, symbols, images and videos is one of the most important parts of our system
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Ensuring technicalities, compliance and quality assurance is an important step; you can bring in your ICRs at key parts in the process
Translation Memory & Repetition Detection
Translation Memory & Repetition Detection
With the creation and subsequent full control over terminology and past translations, it works in a positive loop of; the more you translate, the more effective and speedy the process. We also built in a detector to not charge you for repeated words.
Files and formats come in all shapes and sizes. TextUnited work with over 30 different files types including software localization and are always looking for ways to customise or augment a workflow to best suit your needs
Subtitling & Transcription
Subtitling & Transcription
Our revolutionary solution will take all of the traditional hassle out of subtitling and transcription of video and audio content.

Streamlined processes, optimal results

See how CATS put its translation on automation
Stuart Gorman
PHP Developer, Lead



For a leading software company, CATS, it was a challenge of organisation and a multi-step process. Lots of manual work meant increased overheads and a very time-intensive setup.
We supported CATS by building in an automated workflow into this complex process, so that importing, exporting and interactions could be done with the click of a button. This allowed their team to check, compare and make available new content in close to real-time.
Instead of relying on blackbox third party translation providers, we would like to introduce you to a collaborative, advanced translation environment, powered by AI and supported by human intelligence.

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Network Effects

Getting your digital experience in front of more users will supercharge the network effects; boosting the user value as it becomes more popular. Harness your international audience!

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Is it compatible with the XLIFF format?

Yes. XLIFF is one of the most important formats used in software localization and mobile app localization. TextUnited is well versed in the XLIFF format and we have years of experience with many clients using this in the field of software translation.

How does TextUnited automate the translation process?

With our proprietary technology, we provide you with a range of tools all housed in one platform that allow intelligent translation, organisation, automation, coordination and tracking of your translation projects. Our platform allows you to pick and choose elements that best fit your needs - either through out-of-the-box solutions or versatile TextUnited REST API.

Can I translate my App with this technology?

Yes. We can help you translate and localize your App, regardless of complexity and language needs. We specialise in making the process simpler, faster and cost-effective in the localization of your digital product(s).

Software Localization

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