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Software localization is critical for any company that succeeds in the global market. It helps reach new customers, better understand them, and improve the bottom line.


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What is software localization?

Software localization, or l10n, is about modifying digital products to deliver an exceptional digital experience for users based on their language, country, culture and legal requirements. It includes translating strings and text content, graphics, audio, and video.
Software localization involves user interface and in-app content localization, and modifications to software functionality to better suit the target market. We streamline this process so that the localized version is every bit as great as the source version.
With a features-rich translation management system (TMS), translation API and machine translation technology complemented by human expertise, we allow you to take the stigma out of this process. You can focus on developing great software, and we will help you deliver a perfect localized version.

Agile localization on autopilot

Advanced API
No hassle for developers makes translation and localization part of your development. Automate the process with purpose-built translation API and integrations with GitHub and Bitbucket.
Data Compliance
Centralize your data with access to a single point of truth about your multilingual keys, content, screenshots and reference material.
File Formats
File Formats across your digital assets mean this can become over-complicated and daunting. We work with your files and your environment such as JSON, PO, XML, iOS strings, Java, PHP, XLIFF, HTML and many more.
Agile Management
Localization process in control gives your team an up-to-date overview of projects from one place with easy tools to add translators and reviewers at the right moments.

Must-haves for software localization

Translation Management System
Translation Management System
With our advanced, collaborate translation environment, you can run translation projects in parallel with the development of your source product meaning the entire production phase is streamlined
Graphics & Imagery
Graphic & Video Localization
Graphics, symbols, images and video transcription and subtitles are important parts of a software localization project. Achieving quality for the localized product and the perfect fit for the local market depends on the right balance between used technologies and competent translators.
Quality Assurance
Linguistic Quality Assurance
Ensure the quality and consistency of your localized apps by reuse of human-translated strings and content. Managing glossaries, running QA reports and engaging your in-country reviews to provide continuous feedback.
Translation Memory & Repetition Detection
Translation Memory & Terminology
Reuse human-translated strings and content to achieve translation consistency and avoid translation of similar content in the future.
Add glossaries with approved terminology to ensure consistency of your localized software in different languages.
In-context localization
Ensure the top quality of your localized products by allowing translators to see translations in context using an overlay editor for web apps and content, previews for files, and reference screenshots at their fingertips.
Subtitling & Transcription
Customer service
Support your software users in their languages and deliver a great multilingual experience with localized help articles on Zendesk, Salesforce and Confluence, real-time chat and Zendesk and Salesforce support tickets.

Streamlined processes, optimal results

See how CATS put its translation on automation
Stuart Gorman
PHP Developer, Lead



For a leading software company, CATS, it was a challenge of organisation and a multi-step process. Lots of manual work meant increased overheads and a very time-intensive setup.
We supported CATS by building in an automated workflow into this complex process, so that importing, exporting and interactions could be done with the click of a button. This allowed their team to check, compare and make available new content in close to real-time.
Instead of relying on blackbox third party translation providers, we would like to introduce you to a collaborative, advanced translation environment, powered by AI and supported by human intelligence.

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Getting your digital experience in front of more users is a fundamental challenge!
Do not wait and supercharge your localization team with a tool which combines superior software localization management with the most advanced linguistic functionality on the market today.

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Is it compatible with the XLIFF format?

Yes. XLIFF is one of the most important formats used in software localization and mobile app localization. TextUnited is well versed in the XLIFF format and we have years of experience with many clients using this in the field of software translation.

How does TextUnited automate the translation process?

With our proprietary technology, we provide you with a range of tools all housed in one platform that allow intelligent translation, organisation, automation, coordination and tracking of your translation projects. Our platform allows you to pick and choose elements that best fit your needs - either through out-of-the-box solutions or versatile TextUnited REST API.

Can I translate my App with this technology?

Yes. We can help you translate and localize your App, regardless of complexity and language needs. We specialise in making the process simpler, faster and cost-effective in the localization of your digital product(s).

Software Localization

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