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Zendesk Support Integration

Customer Experience
Make your Customer Support multilingual
Expedite resolutions for your customers, regardless of their language
  • Empower your agents by allowing them to engage with Customer Support tickets from anywhere in the world
  • Promote accurate and authentic dialogue when it is most needed by removing language barriers
  • Improve response times by harnessing semi-automated real-time machine translation
  • Choose whether to translate your articles instantly with full machine translation or opt for machine translation + human review by your team or TextUnited’s translators
  • Choose to add human review with TextUnited professional translators for important or specific communication
The plugin requires you to have a TextUnited subscription and an active Zendesk account

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Why use the plugin?

By connecting TextUnited to Zendesk, your team can rapidly translate both incoming and outgoing tickets, promoting accurate dialogue when it’s needed most, in any language.

Zendesk Support

A native Spanish-speaker can describe their issue in the language that will yield the best results for them

Zendesk Support

Your English-speaking Customer Support agent translates their incoming ticket, writes their reply in English before translating the outgoing ticket back to Spanish

Zendesk Support

Your customers’ resolution is swift and engaging with them in their native language acts as a huge multiplier for customer retention

Get more out of Zendesk with TextUnited

To make use of the TextUnited Ticket Translation Plugin for Zendesk Support, you will need a TextUnited account, click below to sign-up for free for 14 days. Depending on your usage, your account with us can also be free!
  • Launch the plugin
  • Copy the company ID number and API key from your TextUnited account and paste it into the plugin settings
  • When you receive a ticket, select the translation method (machine or human) and click to automatically detect the source language and then choose the target language for your reply
  • You can then paste your translated reply or opt for a human review
Zendesk with TextUnited

Integrate Zendesk with TextUnited

TextUnited makes it easy to set up Zendesk.
TextUnited’s Zendesk-specific tools don’t stop at Ticket Translation. Check out our integration for Zendesk Guide. A strong Help Center should be the first port of call for customers needing assistance, in any language.
Integrate Zendesk with TextUnited

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