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Github Integration

Translate your geo-specific content at string-level
Create automatic workflows to translate your repository content via our integration
  • Translate the content in your GitHub repository at string-level into 100s of different languages
  • Setup continuous automated translation from your GitHub repositories with auto-sync
  • Combine the coactive nature of GitHub with TextUnited’s collaborative translation environment for truly integrated, globalised web building and versioning
  • Harness real-time machine translation, assign your own translators, outsource to us – it is as flexible as you want it to be
The integration requires you to have a TextUnited subscription and a GitHub account

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Why use the integration?

By connecting TextUnited to GitHub, you can focus on your code, not the localization.
Github repository

Each time you insert new code, our system will allow GitHub to pull translated content back into the versioned file within the repository

sync now

Set up automated synchronisation periods, for a full hands-free approach

My Github repository

Utilise special filters for various file formats (e.g. excluding elements from XML files)

sync now

Leverage full machine translation for hundreds of language combinations so that you get translated content back in the blink of an eye

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Get more out of Github with TextUnited

To make use of the TextUnited translation integration for GitHub, you will need a TextUnited account, click below to sign-up for free for 14 days. Depending on your usage, your account with us can also be free!
  • From the project portal, select Create a Project and choose GitHub integration.
  • You will be redirected to log in to your Github account.
  • Choose the files and folders in your repository that you wish to translate
  • Choose the source language of your files and select a target language
  • Select how to translate: (machine translation, outsource to TextUnited, or you and your team)
  • Review your settings and create the project.
For instructions to setup up Continuous Translation via Auto-Sync, click here.
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Integrate Github with TextUnited

TextUnited makes it easy to set up Github.
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