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Deciphering Translation Management Systems

Navigating Your Perfect Match in TMS solutions Entering the global market demands a savvy approach to communication tailored to your audience. Crafting content that resonates across cultures is crucial. This is where the Translation Management System (TMS) enters the scene…

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multilingual website

How to Build a Multilingual Website: 4 Steps to Making Global Sales

  There are times when English just won’t cut it. 4 out of 5 times, actually, according to Babbel. Just as you can’t expect the locals of Skopelos, Madeira or Aberdeen to converse with you in fluent English, you also…

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Customer Spotlight: European Resuscitation Council (ERC)

Witnessing a cardiac arrest: a distressing and pressurised situation in which the average person would probably rather not find themselves.   In such moments, having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to administer CPR or correctly use a defibrillator can mean…

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Localizing Payment Methods – BNPL in the Global Market

If you’ve decided to go global with your business, you’ll already know that good localization is the key to success in any international market. This involves much more than just making sure your translations are up to scratch. The most…

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in country reviewer

The In Country Reviewer Role in Translation

When talking about the importance of localization, we often overlook the integral people who make it possible. An In-Country Reviewer, or ICR, offers an elegant solution when it comes to translation and localization. Generally speaking, an ICR will be a…

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Advanced Translation Project Management at Text United

Translation project management can be time-consuming and overwhelming... you've probably heard that more than is necessary. The truth is, with the right tools everything can be handled in an easier way. We agree, however, that for a successful localization project,…

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