How To Increase Traffic With Website Translation?


Most of our readers are aware that nowadays, English is not the only language on the internet. To all global users, the option to see content in their native languages is an enormous benefit, as they can experience what the English-speaking users have grown accustomed to.

It does create challenges for business owners, though, as these users will more likely visit, browse and shop on websites which serve content in their native languages. However, this also means that you can easily increase traffic with website translation! Today, we will focus on three ways that will help you do that. Let’s start!

#1. Define your target audience

If you have a website, you probably also monitor the incoming traffic and see the visitors from around the world. Granted, some regions are probably less represented than others, but you will see your share of visitors from Sweden, South Korea, Brazil, or China.

They most likely found you by browsing the internet for English keywords. However, if they found the same or similar thing on another website which serves the content in their language, they will most likely buy the product or service from them.

Why would you miss out on the opportunity to increase your traffic with website translation and most probably, gain another loyal customer who will then spread the news and introduce others to your product and services?

All you had to do is show the user the content they are interested in, in their native language. Check your Google Analytics’ Country report and decide if you are getting enough visitors from a certain country or region to consider translating your content for that group of users. If you have many visitors from Sweden, translate the website into Swedish and see how the users interact with your website after that.

#2. Define the content for translation

Once you have made the decision to localize your website into Swedish, you can then select what content you want to localize. For starters, you don’t have to localize your whole website into a certain language to help users navigate it.

It is very likely that your visitors are opening specific landing pages explaining the product or pricing. To increase traffic with website translation, start with these landing pages, and then expand from there.

#3. Define the translation approach 

Once you have defined all the most important parameters, you still need a platform which will help you organize and handle all these tasks in an effective manner.

The best solution is an advanced Translation Management System that will enable you to easily crawl your website, select the pages you want to translate, and then decide how you actually want to localize your content.

Certain landing pages can be machine-translated. Extremely important landing pages can be translated by professional translators and some pages can be machine-translated and double-checked by you and your colleagues. This way, you can set up the workflow which will work for you and minimize the costs.


At the end of the day, the goal is to increase traffic with website translation to maximize your profits. You can ask our project managers how to make this happen without compromising the quality. Check out our pricing here, and feel free to reach out with any questions you might have! 

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