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Author: William Pace

fast translation setvice

What Enabled Us To Create The Fastest Translation Service?

TextUnited launched  Fast Translation (codename TUFT) - the fastest translation service available online, at the most affordable price. But how are our services the fastest? What does the fastest even mean in the world of translation? And how did we make it happen?…

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Who should translate your content?

In the past couple of weeks, we've covered several essential localization subjects, such as the potential target languages for your website and stylistic issues you should tackle when entering a foreign market. However, there is still the question of who should translate your content. Who will localize your website,…

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Line Breaks Matter in Translation

There are times when even the smallest details can make or break a localization project. In translation, line breaks, paragraphs, and headings can be just as problematic as word and phrase spacing. The issue with line breaks and drag-and-drop CMSs…

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How Transcreation is Different From Translation

A few weeks ago, we started discussing various terms related to the translation field. So far, we have covered three main terms; translation, localization, and globalization. One which we did not cover in detail is transcreation. Transcreation is a highly specific…

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translation memory

Line Breaks, Embedded Text and UI Issues in Translation

How to deal with line breaks and embedded text in translation? We have a few tricks that you can use to stay consistent with the designs and still keep your content completely translation-ready for continuous translation. Keep on reading! #1. Expand…

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german market

4 things to consider before entering the German Market

    Back in December, German waltzed into 5th in our review of the top 10 languages to translate and localize. After the UK unceremoniously crashed out of the EU, Germany became the largest e-commerce market in Europe. With the…

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localization style guide

What is a Localization Style Guide?

Think you’ve got your translation workflow sorted? If you haven’t created a localization style guide yet, think again! Simply put, this is a unique set of guidelines for translators to follow when working with any of your content. While coming…

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localization mistakes

How To Avoid Cultural Mistakes in Localization

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that bad translation can cause big problems in business. We’ve all heard about companies learning this the hard way with infamous translation fails. So how do you avoid these pitfalls? The answer is good…

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software localization

Software Localization vs Software Internationalization

The terms translation, localization and internationalization are often used interchangeably, despite actually referring to very different processes. We’ve unpicked some of these differences in our blogs on Website Localization vs Website Internationalization, Translation vs Localization vs Transcreation and Local vs.…

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