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multilingual website

How to Build a Multilingual Website: 4 Steps to Making Global Sales

  There are times when English just won’t cut it. 4 out of 5 times, actually, according to Babbel. Just as you can’t expect the locals of Skopelos, Madeira or Aberdeen to converse with you in fluent English, you also…

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reduce website translation costs

10 Ways to Reduce Website Translation Costs

  If you’re reading this, you probably already understand the importance of website localization and how it can boost your global presence. You might also have identified some key target markets; if you haven’t got that far yet, don’t worry!…

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in-context website translation

How to Get Started With In-Context Website Translation?

What is in-context website translation and what are its benefits? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions and ended up here, then you’re in the right place. Context is highly beneficial in most aspects of life, and the translation is…

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myths about website translation

5 Myths About Website Translation

  Myths about website translation are a real hindrance and keep good businesses from approaching international markets well within their capacity. Cost and complexity are just two of the often-cited reasons that companies choose not to actively pursue translation and…

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How To Increase Traffic With Website Translation?

  If you’ve read our breakdown of Website Localization and Going Global, you’ll already know how it can help your business. However, if you are still not convinced, take a look at this graphic from Day Translations for starters: Just…

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English to Spanish

Translating Content From English to Spanish

  Best Practices: Translating English to Spanish Before getting into the topic of English to Spanish translation, did you know that online customers are more comfortable purchasing in their native language? With 40% unwilling to purchase in a different language.…

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website translation guide

The Ultimate Guide To Website Translation

Getting started with website translation We’ve spoken before on the importance of translating your website when looking to new markets and audiences. Although we are exceptionally proud of the TextUnited services, like most things, we believe that choice is King.…

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website localization

Why Website Localization Is The Key To Going Global

  Why is website localization important? Well, for one, the internet has fundamentally changed the way that we shop. With a handful of clicks and a few days, something can arrive at your door from half the world away. It’s…

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Creating a Global Website in 4 Steps

  Taking Your Website Global With the advent of the internet, extending reach beyond the borders of a home nation has never been more feasible. We explored the importance of website translation being key to going global in detail before.…

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