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Author: Marek Piorkowski

edit distance

Edit distance metrics for machine translation post-editing

Edit distance provide a valuable framework for evaluating machine translation quality by measuring the differences between the original machine-translated content and corrected translation by a human translator. In this article, we will explore the impact of edit distance metrics on…

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multilingual SEO

Unlock Global Markets: Master the Art of Multilingual SEO

In the current landscape, small to medium-sized enterprises can effortlessly reach global markets, facilitated by lower international communication and shipping costs. Initially targeting local or national audiences, these businesses often unexpectedly encounter increasing global demand, revealing new expansion avenues. To…

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rush translations

Rush Translation: Vital for Global Business

This article underscores the pivotal role of rush translation services for business documents, shedding light on the proficiency and attention to detail offered by TextUnited. We go into the critical aspect of translation accuracy, specifically focusing on its significance in…

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Confluence with TextUnited

Efficient Language Translation Tool for Confluence by Atlassian

Imagine you're part of a global team that needs to understand Confluence articles across multiple languages. Atlassian's Confluence now boasts an efficient integration with TextUnited's language translation tool, bridging communication gaps for tech professionals worldwide. Unveiling Atlassian's Multi-language Solution TextUnited…

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation

AI Revolution & Unlocking its Secrets for Business Success

The dawn of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era is reshaping the business landscape, presenting unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Dive into this comprehensive guide to decode the intricacies of artificial intelligence and learn how to leverage its power effectively for business…

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marketing localization

The Handbook for Marketing Localization

Marketing localization is the bridge that connects brands with international audiences genuinely and effectively. In an interconnected global economy, reaching audiences in their native tongue and cultural context isn't just thoughtful; it's essential. By customizing communication to cater to each…

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Website Translation without Coding

Diving into Website Translation Platform: Your Key to Going Global Online

Website translation platforms play a crucial role for businesses navigating through the vast digital world where their messages break through international boundaries, and it's vital to communicate effectively with a worldwide audience.  But how does one select the perfect platform…

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translation project management tools

Essentials on Translation Project Management Tools

Breaking into markets worldwide means speaking the local language and hitting the right notes with your messages. No matter the size, every company has to think locally while planning globally to connect with different customer groups. Boosting their local market…

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automatic translation

Translation Automation in the Localization Process

Translation automation and localization play a vital role in the age of rapid digital transformation, as the world is becoming increasingly connected. The importance of adapting content to resonate with diverse audiences has never been greater. At the heart of…

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