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Author: Marek Piorkowski

new to translation and localization

How to start with translation

A simple guide for companies ready to start growing internationally It's time for your business to expand to new lands, cultures, and people. This is exciting! But it can also be overwhelming. It's normal to wonder how to start with…

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Localization of security-related software and content

Why Localization is Essential for Cybersecurity Software Due to an insane increase nowadays in both the sophistication and the number of cyberattacks, companies are more under the gun to guard themselves against damage. Organizations, albeit have responded by upping their…

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correct multilingual terminology

Terminology in the technical translations

How to achieve the correct use of terminology in the technical translations? In each specialized field, such as technical, economics, accounting, culture, society, environment, and medicine, there are always particular terminology used chiefly in the context of a given field.…

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learn localization KPIs

KPIs and ROI on localization

ROI on localization is one of the more challenging metrics to define. Still, as the world becomes more globalized and businesses must reach their customers in their native languages at scale, the return on investment (ROI) from localization sooner or later…

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machine translation engines

What is the machine translation post-editing (MTPE)?

Machine translation post-editing has become one of the cornerstones of the translation industry in the last few years. But what exactly is machine translation post-editing (MTPE), and is it good for your business? MTPE is a translation process in which a…

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What is the in-country review feature, and why should you use it?

Any business user who orders translation expects their company's terminology, tone of voice, and linguistic style to be reflected perfectly in the translation. But how to ensure it when translators may only sometimes have the necessary company insider information? TextUnited…

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top languages

The 10 Top Languages for Localization

  With roughly 7.8 billion inhabitants on Earth, the internet has drastically increased our ability to reach new audiences, even when we are not sharing a language. The world is a big place, but thanks to the efforts of translation,…

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JSON files

How to translate JSON files effectively?

Even if you are not a part of the translation field, you may need to translate a JSON file.   Let's break down a task of translation of a JSON file into smaller steps, but first, let's look at basics.…

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Neural Networks in Translation Systems: Part Ten

The first post in this series is here. The previous post in this series is here.  The next post in this series is here. In this series, we explain scientific foundations of neural networks technologies to dive into their use of natural…

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