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Art of Multilingual SEO

Unlock Global Markets: Master the Art of Multilingual SEO

In the current landscape, small to medium-sized enterprises can effortlessly reach global markets, facilitated by lower international communication and shipping costs. Initially targeting local or national audiences, these businesses often unexpectedly encounter increasing global demand, revealing new expansion avenues. To…

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Become a Computer Programmer

The Handbook for Marketing Localization

Marketing localization is the bridge that connects brands with international audiences genuinely and effectively. In an interconnected global economy, reaching audiences in their native tongue and cultural context isn't just thoughtful; it's essential. By customizing communication to cater to each…

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How Transcreation is Different From Translation

A few weeks ago, we started discussing various terms related to the translation field. So far, we have covered three main terms; translation, localization, and globalization. One which we did not cover in detail is transcreation. Transcreation is a highly specific…

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Businesswoman Talking on Phone

How to Build a Multilingual Website: 4 Steps to Making Global Sales

  There are times when English just won’t cut it. 4 out of 5 times, actually, according to Babbel. Just as you can’t expect the locals of Skopelos, Madeira or Aberdeen to converse with you in fluent English, you also…

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Small Blue Flags

Multilingual Customer Support: 5 Tips to Speak your Customers’ Language

  There exists in the world of global customer support just two deadly sins: conjecture and sloth.   Too many companies are all-too-proficient in the art of making incorrect assumptions about what kind of support their customers want, where they…

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Why Invest in Multilingual Customer Experience (MCX)?

  If you’ve been keeping up with any of our recent blogs, you’ll know that invest in Multilingual Customer Experience (MCX) is rapidly becoming the top priority for brands.    Operating in international markets, however, means adding another dimension to…

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Beautiful Buiding of Germany

4 things to consider before entering the German Market

    Back in December, German waltzed into 5th in our review of the top 10 languages to translate and localize. After the UK unceremoniously crashed out of the EU, Germany became the largest e-commerce market in Europe. With the…

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A Black Mike

VoC: Leveraging the Voice of Customer

"There is a paradox in hotel marketing, where hoteliers rely a lot on images to "let them speak for themselves". In an industry where everything revolves around people, hotel marketing focuses on product pictures. People are longing for connection and even more…

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A Man With Speaker Graphic Photo

Voice of Customer: Accountability in Value Chains

Voice of Customer (VoC): a term anyone who’s undertaken market research will be familiar with.    The process – sending out surveys, gathering the received data and prioritising its conclusions – might seem like a pretty abstract one. It certainly…

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