Accurate translation is the key to looking credible and professional in the international market.

Finding the right freelance translator for your business needs can be daunting, but these platforms make it easy!

We’ve made the process stress free by choosing our top 5 websites for you:

#5. Fiverr

This site is worth a look if you need a quick turnaround, particularly if your budget is tight! While not specific to translation services, a simple search will bring up a range of options in just a few seconds. Refine your search by specifying languages, budget, and timeframe – and look out for 5* freelancers with high numbers of reviews. Helpfully, Fiverr recommends you their best pick; you can also look out for users with ‘Pro Verified’ and ‘Rising Talent’ labels. However, sifting through options can be time-consuming, and not all freelance translators will be working on a professional level. Overall, an option to consider if you want to search without the bother of having to create an account or job posting.


#4. Upwork

As with Fiverr, the talent pool is vast, but you can gain all the information you need within a matter of seconds. Again, Upwork allows you to search for free and apply filters such as ‘talent type’, ‘hourly rate’, and ‘job success’. Here, the results are more refined and you can be more confident about who you’re hiring. Top-rated freelance translators – with a ‘consistent and successful’ history – are easily identifiable by the blue shield icon, but you can click on any worker’s profile to find out how many jobs they have completed and their average rating. Easy to navigate, this site offers quick results for translators with a proven track record of working accurately to deadlines, across a range of budgets.


#3. ProZ

Describing itself as an ‘Online Community and Workplace for Language Professionals’, ProZ provides an extensive database of reliable and professional interpreters. Again, you can choose to post your own job or search for translators working in the languages you require. A great option for finding a freelance translator that is well suited to your specific business needs. That said, the site is a little old fashioned and could definitely do with an update to make it more user friendly!.


#2. Translators Base

Like ProZ, this site lists only freelance translators and interpreters, rather than freelancers from multiple fields. Though TranslatorsBase won’t let you browse before registering, the process is not too time-consuming and it’s free to post an ad. While the presentation is more consistent and modernized than ProZ, the site could, again, be more user friendly. However, this is an excellent option if you need a less widely spoken language or a freelance translator with a very specific skill set.


#1. TextUnited

Finally, our own system brings together machines, professional translators, and domain experts to provide clients with a collaborative translation environment. As such, TextUnited brings you a hassle-free way of making your content internationally viable. Also, we’ll provide you with support every step of the way! Need convincing? Try our software free for 14 days.

Whether you opt for a freelance translator or our very own TMS, we hope this breakdown has been useful in helping you to find the right fit for your business.

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Here at TextUnited, we have a network of over 5000 professional translators around the globe, specialising not only in specific languages but specific fields too. We’re always looking to work with the best of the best so if you think that might be you, why not sign up and join the TextUnited family?