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Collaborative translation software for business that requires an integrated language solution. A cloud-based translation platform that includes a complete suite of professional translation tools and connects with translators for collaborative localization.

Translation Management System

Use an intuitive web-based interface to upload, organize and monitor all translation projects. Use flexible sourcing options, integrate with other systems and measure performance of your teams

Translate organization-wide. Break department silos and re-use translations. Reduce cost and increase overall consistency.

Upload Files, or connect cloud storage, code versioning systems and marketing automation platforms. An automated cost and delivery estimate guarantee that your projects get filed on time.

Get Reports and optimize translation spending using the automated translation memory cost reduction.

Manage Translation Teams with permissions and roles. Customize project workflows and drive localization at scale.

Free Desktop App. Go pro and download the installable workhorse, once only available to translation agencies and industry insiders.

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Translation Memory

Cloud-based, always-up-to-date translation memory which is integrated and fully automated in the translation process

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Terminology Tools

Central terminology management software that allows for high quality translations and a consistent multilingual content at scale

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CAT Software

Free, cloud-based and desktop Computer Aided Translation editors for document, software and website localization

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All the control you’ll ever need!

Machine Translation

Deliver a “Google Translate experience” with a click of a button as a cost effective first step to build the first draft.

Your Team

Set roles and permissions, assign teammates to do the work or translate it yourself. Translate projects inside a professional localization tool. Your translations are immediately in sync!

Professional Translators

We offer vetted, professional translators specializing in b2b, b2c and b2g translations in industries ranging from, experienced with Software, Website, and App translation. Proofreading and transcreation services are also available.

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All File Formats

We support all file formats and can get started with your projects in seconds!

220 Languages

We offer translations in German, English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and many more languages!


Help translators understand your source material better by collaborating directly within a dedicated translation platform

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