Translation Software: Cloud-Based Localization Platform

THE cloud-based
translation software stack

The only translation SaaS you will ever want to use


Text United’s Translation Software features powerful Translation Memory technology,
Terminology Management with Quality Assurance robots, a rich set of content processing filters,
and an automation engine, with connectors, for friction-free translation workflows.

Translation Management System

Automated, instantly synced, brilliantly easy to use

Experience an intuitive and beautiful web-based interface to ensure effortless implementation and easy everyday use.

Translate organization-wide. Break department silos and re-use translations. Reduce cost and increase linguistic consistency in many languages.

Upload Files or connect cloud storage, code versioning systems and marketing automation platforms. Automated cost and delivery estimations guarantee that your projects will get filed on time.

Control and optimize your translation costs by using insights on where and how your budget is being spent.

Create translation teams with permissions and roles. Customize project workflows and scale your localization.

Use the Free Desktop App or go pro and download the installable workhorse, which was previously only available to translation agencies and industry insiders.

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Translation Memory

Your private cloud-based database, capturing all
words translated, and storing them for future use.

The Text United Translation Memory engine can reuse the stored translations, even if your new content is similar to the one previously translated.

40% or more in cost savings, faster deliveries, and better language consistency between various contents and products.

The engine is integrated and fully automated in the translation process running on auto-pilot, scrupulously reducing the cost of each new sentence that is translated.


Terminology Manager

A tool that ensures consistency and accuracy in translations

Keeping your vocabulary consistent, specific to your content and products, in many languages, and applying it easily during the translation.

Automatic quality control checks, which warn translators and proofreaders of any errors in the terminology employed.

An advanced terminology function, available for power users in the desktop app, to centrally maintain term base and keep it up to date.


Translation Productivity CAT Tool

The Text United Computer Aided Translation tool, fully compatible
with industry standards, allows you to work with any translator.

A free collaborative desktop app which smoothly connects to your Text United platform account.

Translators, proofreaders and terminologists, as well as project managers, may use the app to tap into the full power of the Text United platform.

For more straightforward and faster access, Text United users may use a web version of the app. It offers all the necessary functionality for the most common tasks in a simple and beautiful web interface.


Choose How You Want to Translate

Public or Private
Machines Translation

For instant translation, use one of the
machine translation engines available
from our partners or use a neural
machine translation from Text United.

Machine + Human

To reduce translation costs even
further, deploy a workflow that involves
translation by machine and correction
by human, who will correct the output.

Human Translation
+ Proofreading

Send translations to hundreds of Text United expert translators & proofreaders
or to your team, for high quality,
full cycle professional translations.

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