Unleash the Power of the Next-Generation Translation for Confluence

Do you leverage Confluence CMS for your operations? Are you poised for global growth, eager to foster a global brand or determined to engage with your workforce worldwide? The solution lies in translating your Confluence content, unlocking its potential to soar towards new horizons, and igniting improvements across your company:

Bridging Understanding Gaps Confluence is the meeting point for teams to amalgamate and disseminate critical insights. Translate your knowledge base and ensure everyone comprehends the information, regardless of their linguistic background, paving the way for heightened performance and productivity.

Seizing Global Markets Aspiring to globalize your business? Translating your Confluence content helps you speak the language of your customers, partners, and stakeholders in unexplored markets.

Boosting Employee Engagement For sprawling multinational corporations, translating company news, internal communication, policies, and guidelines can fuel employee engagement, promoting an inclusive, culturally diverse workspace.

Enhancing Customer Support If Confluence is your chosen customer support tool, translating content can exponentially amplify the customer experience and satisfaction.

Enriching User Experience Offering multilingual content can drastically uplift user experience, simplifying their journey and interaction with content in their preferred language.

Ensuring Compliance With content translation might be a crucial regulatory requisite for public sector organizations or specific industries.

But diving into the translation world sparks a few critical questions. How do you maintain high-quality translation, integrating industry-specific vocabulary? How do you optimize costs by translating specific content sections? How do you streamline the integration of translated content for easy navigation and searchability? And the most daunting, how do you address the perpetual inflow of new content?

Using a translation application from the Atlassian Marketplace may seem like a no-brainer.

We tried that. Unfortunately, it was a letdown. Despite promising ‘translations’, most apps only facilitate the integration of these ‘translations’ with the original Confluence content, leaving you to produce the ‘translations’ using another tool at an additional cost. Does it make sense to juggle multiple apps for one goal?

But the hurdles are more significant. The translation is more than word-to-word conversion. For global organizations, it’s imperative to translate content and localize it, encompassing cultural nuances, idioms, and context, dramatically elevating content relevance and comprehension.

Enter TextUnited’s Confluence translation—the next generation powerhouse that seamlessly integrates, translates, and localizes your Confluence content.

TextUnited is a cloud-based translation and localization platform designed to help businesses manage and automate their translation processes. The platform offers a range of features that facilitate content translation, making it easier for companies to reach a global audience by providing their products and services in multiple languages. TextUnited translation for Confluence is a formidable tool, empowering businesses to smoothly translate and localize content within the Confluence environment.

Text United translation for Confluence arms you with many powerful features:

  • Automated translation into 100+ languages that translators can refine using the TextUnited computer-assisted-translation (CAT) tool and published in standalone, ready-to-use Confluence spaces in each language.
  • Translation memories and a dedicated glossary to optimize costs and enhance linguistic quality, enabling seamless, collaborative work for your team in the cloud.
  • A choice to translate the entire site, select articles, or branches of the article tree.
  • Option to set the necessary quality translation level for each case, ranging from the whole machine to all-human translations.
  • A turnkey, hassle-free human translation and post-editing managed service to save time, organized by experienced TextUnited project managers.
  • A comprehensive toolset for in-house translation management through a single web interface, driving translations and handling billings, delivery dates, and task assignations.

TextUnited fuses machine learning and human translation services to deliver top-notch translations. Key features of TextUnited translation for Confluence include:

In-context Translation TextUnited lets you translate within the Confluence environment, preserving formatting and context, and allowing you to visualize the translated content exactly where it will be published.

Automation TextUnited smartly detects changes to the original content and suggests translation updates.

Quality The tool marries machine translation and professional human translators to ensure the highest translation quality and accuracy.

Collaboration A real-time platform for translators, reviewers, and project managers to collaborate.

Easy Setup Kickstart your translation journey in an instant. Install the Confluence add-on, connect your account, and you’re set!

To jumpstart your translation journey, all you need is an active TextUnited account, so check out our pricing plans, and embark on a free trial. We promise satisfaction at every step!