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Simple yet powerful translation for Confluence

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Translation for Confluence
With TextUnited, you can easily translate your Confluence spaces.
Create and manage multilingual content with one of Atlassian’s most powerful products.
  • Set up your Confluence and TextUnited integration to jump-start your translations.
  • Choose from over 100 languages of neural machine translation to quickly translate your content and have it corrected by professional translators or your users.
  • TextUnited offers terminology management so you can translate your specific terms exactly how you need them.
  • Enable users to search your Confluence content in many languages.
The integration requires an active TextUnited’s free trial or a subscription.

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Why to organize translation for Confluence with TextUnited?

Make sure to translate all the content in your Confluence articles, including tables, lists, and links.
Take advantage of TextUnited’s language features, like terminology management, linguistic quality assurance, and a complete translation project management suite.
Automate the translation of any new content and keep it synced with your Confluence spaces.

TextUnited provides an easy solution for handling translations within your organization, enabling you to work together with your colleagues and freelance partners. Additionally, you can opt for TextUnited’s professional translation services, which are available on-demand or through a subscription plan.



TextUnited translation for Confluence provides a secure and reliable solution for translating your content. Protect your data using an integrated eco-system that allows content translation through centrally managed access rights.


Easily manage translation projects for a single article or multiple articles in various languages by connecting TextUnited translation for Confluence. It allows for the most efficient way to deliver translated content in Confluence.


To translate your content, there are three options available. The first is to use fully automated translations. Alternatively, you can post-edit the translations with your team or freelancers. Lastly, to meet ISO 17100 standard requirements, you can opt for professional translators. Choose the method that works best for you.

Get more out of Confluence with TextUnited

Explore our Getting Started article to learn the initial steps for your translation journey. Alternatively, you can schedule a walk-through session with our Customer Success Team.

Visit Atlassian’s marketplace Textunited translation for Confluence to find out more.

With TextUnited translation for Confluence your content can be fully utilized by a multilingual audience.

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