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translation platform media localization

Translation platforms’ revolution. Part 5

Revolution #3 Media Localization & Language Diversification  In the complex web of modern life, the concept of choice is a double-edged sword—offering both significant advantages and subtle drawbacks. You might be engrossed in this article, or your attention could be…

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translation platform flexibility

Translation platforms’ revolution. Part 4

Revolution #2 Flexibility & Agility In the pages of history, translators were bound by the rigid 9-to-5 routine. Days were devoted to bridging languages, while evenings were spent in the flickering candlelight, sharing tales of the sea—or whatever people did…

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Translation platforms’ revolution. Part 3

Revolution #1 Collaboration & Transparency Before cloud technology, translation practices often resembled the humorous antics of the Chuckle Brothers. Tasks would bounce back and forth like a confusing game of "to me" and "to you," leading to chaotic disorder and…

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AI cloud translation platform

AI-driven translation platforms. Part 2

In a time when AI and cloud systems skillfully create a range of technological wonders akin to modern magic, we embark on a voyage of exploration that reveals the captivating core of AI cloud translation platforms. This journey transforms the…

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translation system

Deciphering Translation Management Systems

Navigating Your Perfect Match in TMS solutions Entering the global market demands a savvy approach to communication tailored to your audience. Crafting content that resonates across cultures is crucial. This is where the Translation Management System (TMS) enters the scene…

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Key Considerations for Translation Software

Choosing the Best Professional Translation Software -  Key Considerations to Keep in Mind  What is translation software?    Translation software is a specialized application that facilitates text conversion from one language to another. It encompasses various components such as machine translation…

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translation for Confluence

TextUnited translation for Confluence

Unleash the Power of the Next-Generation Translation for Confluence Do you leverage Confluence CMS for your operations? Are you poised for global growth, eager to foster a global brand or determined to engage with your workforce worldwide? The solution lies…

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translation memory

Translation Memory – what is it?

A Translation Memory (TM) is a term describing a database with multi-language content. Why is such a database becoming a key enterprise asset, and should you pay attention to it? There are several answers, dating from the old-school translation practice.…

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fast translation setvice

What Enabled Us To Create The Fastest Translation Service?

TextUnited launched  Fast Translation (codename TUFT) - the fastest translation service available online, at the most affordable price. But how are our services the fastest? What does the fastest even mean in the world of translation? And how did we make it happen?…

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