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edit distance

Edit distance metrics for machine translation post-editing

Edit distance provide a valuable framework for evaluating machine translation quality by measuring the differences between the original machine-translated content and corrected translation by a human translator. In this article, we will explore the impact of edit distance metrics on…

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rush translations

Rush Translation: Vital for Global Business

This article underscores the pivotal role of rush translation services for business documents, shedding light on the proficiency and attention to detail offered by TextUnited. We go into the critical aspect of translation accuracy, specifically focusing on its significance in…

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automatic translation

Translation Automation in the Localization Process

Translation automation and localization play a vital role in the age of rapid digital transformation, as the world is becoming increasingly connected. The importance of adapting content to resonate with diverse audiences has never been greater. At the heart of…

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choose a localization platform

How to Choose the Best Localization Platform

As businesses strive to expand their reach globally, localization platform becomes crucial in ensuring that products and services resonate with local audiences. But with numerous localization solutions available, how do you choose the best one? This guide will explain the…

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website translation

Website Localization Tools – How to Choose the Best One

Essential factors for choosing the best website localization tool When customers visit a not-localized website, it is akin to walking into a store where no one speaks their language – frustrating and isolating. Navigating through pages becomes a puzzle, filled…

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translation platform media localization

Translation platforms’ revolution. Part 5

Revolution #3 Media Localization & Language Diversification  In the complex web of modern life, the concept of choice is a double-edged sword—offering both significant advantages and subtle drawbacks. You might be engrossed in this article, or your attention could be…

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translation platform flexibility

Translation platforms’ revolution. Part 4

Revolution #2 Flexibility & Agility In the pages of history, translators were bound by the rigid 9-to-5 routine. Days were devoted to bridging languages, while evenings were spent in the flickering candlelight, sharing tales of the sea—or whatever people did…

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Translation platforms’ revolution. Part 3

Revolution #1 Collaboration & Transparency Before cloud technology, translation practices often resembled the humorous antics of the Chuckle Brothers. Tasks would bounce back and forth like a confusing game of "to me" and "to you," leading to chaotic disorder and…

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AI cloud translation platform

AI-driven translation platforms. Part 2

In a time when AI and cloud systems skillfully create a range of technological wonders akin to modern magic, we embark on a voyage of exploration that reveals the captivating core of AI cloud translation platforms. This journey transforms the…

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