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Category: Translation Project Management

Who should translate your content?

In the past couple of weeks, we've covered several essential localization subjects, such as the potential target languages for your website and stylistic issues you should tackle when entering a foreign market. However, there is still the question of who should translate your content. Who will localize your website,…

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new to translation and localization

How to start with translation

A simple guide for companies ready to start growing internationally It's time for your business to expand to new lands, cultures, and people. This is exciting! But it can also be overwhelming. It's normal to wonder how to start with…

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revision in translation

Revision in professional translation ISO 17100

What is a revision in a translation project? Revision of a translation is an essential step in the translation process to complete the translation accurately. The revision's focus is comparing the translation to the source content. It includes checks for…

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correct multilingual terminology

Terminology in the technical translations

How to achieve the correct use of terminology in the technical translations? In each specialized field, such as technical, economics, accounting, culture, society, environment, and medicine, there are always particular terminology used chiefly in the context of a given field.…

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translation memory management

A Short Introduction to Translation Memory

What is Translation Memory and why is it important? Translation Memory is a database that continually captures translations as translators work on translation projects. Enterprise Translation Management Systems, like TextUnited, can reuse those translations by directly eliminating the need for…

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XLIFF localization translation

Translation of XLIFF files

What is XLIFF? XLIFF is a dedicated XML-based format standardising data with language-related content. The standard improves the exchange interoperability of such data between systems. XLIFF format lets translators concentrate on translating the text without worrying about text layout or…

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learn localization KPIs

KPIs and ROI on localization

ROI on localization is one of the more challenging metrics to define. Still, as the world becomes more globalized and businesses must reach their customers in their native languages at scale, the return on investment (ROI) from localization sooner or later…

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textunited iso certified translation services

TextUnited translation services awarded ISO17100 certification

TextUnited is pleased to announce a certification of its enterprise translation services according to ISO 17100. The certification provides evidence of compliance with international standards for quality management and process management in the field of translation services. Auditors of the…

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How Transcreation is Different From Translation

A few weeks ago, we started discussing various terms related to the translation field. So far, we have covered three main terms; translation, localization, and globalization. One which we did not cover in detail is transcreation. Transcreation is a highly specific…

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