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Category: Translation Project Management

textunited iso certified translation services

TextUnited translation services awarded ISO17100 certification

TextUnited is pleased to announce a certification of its enterprise translation services according to ISO 17100. The certification provides evidence of compliance with international standards for quality management and process management in the field of translation services. Auditors of the…

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Localizing Payment Methods – BNPL in the Global Market

If you’ve decided to go global with your business, you’ll already know that good localization is the key to success in any international market. This involves much more than just making sure your translations are up to scratch. The most…

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localization style guide

What is a Localization Style Guide?

Think you’ve got your translation workflow sorted? If you haven’t created a localization style guide yet, think again! Simply put, this is a unique set of guidelines for translators to follow when working with any of your content. While coming…

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translation memory management

A Short Guide to Translation Memory Management

  To understand how a translation memory is managed, we need to know the definition of Translation Memory. Translation memory is a database that continually captures translations as translators work on your projects for future use. It is created automatically…

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translation ROI

How To Measure Translation ROI of Your Project?

We've touched upon a lot of subjects when it comes to translation and localization as enablers of your business global growth. Once you've done your research, planned the execution process of your localization project, and managed to finalize it, you…

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