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Category: Translation Project Management

translation project management tools

Essentials on Translation Project Management Tools

Breaking into markets worldwide means speaking the local language and hitting the right notes with your messages. No matter the size, every company has to think locally while planning globally to connect with different customer groups. Boosting their local market…

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correct multilingual terminology

E-learning Translation: A Short Introduction

This guide aims to help navigate e-learning translation in the digital era. With the rise of e-learning platforms, educational content is accessible to millions worldwide. But as this virtual learning landscape expands, there's a growing demand to cater to diverse…

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textunited iso certified translation services

ISO 17100 – Raising Translation Services to a Global Standard

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, communicating effectively across language barriers is essential for companies and institutions. Language service providers (LSPs) are necessary in this cross-border information exchange. But how can you check the quality and reliability of translation services?…

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translation vs. localization

Localization Vs. Translation: Understanding the Nuances

 Both translation and localization are methods employed to meet this demand, yet many people use these terms interchangeably without recognizing their distinct nuances.   If your goal is to grow your brand and pursue expansion plans, understanding the differences between translation…

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AI cloud translation platform

AI-driven translation platforms. Part 2

In a time when AI and cloud systems skillfully create a range of technological wonders akin to modern magic, we embark on a voyage of exploration that reveals the captivating core of AI cloud translation platforms. This journey transforms the…

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translation for Confluence

TextUnited translation for Confluence

Unleash the Power of the Next-Generation Translation for Confluence Do you leverage Confluence CMS for your operations? Are you poised for global growth, eager to foster a global brand or determined to engage with your workforce worldwide? The solution lies…

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Who should translate your content?

In the past couple of weeks, we've covered several essential localization subjects, such as the potential target languages for your website and stylistic issues you should tackle when entering a foreign market. However, there is still the question of who should translate your content. Who will localize your website,…

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new to translation and localization

How to start with translation

A simple guide for companies ready to start growing internationally It's time for your business to expand to new lands, cultures, and people. This is exciting! But it can also be overwhelming. It's normal to wonder how to start with…

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revision in translation

Revision in professional translation ISO 17100

What is a revision in a translation project? Revision of a translation is an essential step in the translation process to complete the translation accurately. The revision's focus is comparing the translation to the source content. It includes checks for…

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