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translation memory management

A Short Introduction to Translation Memory

What is Translation Memory and why is it important? Translation Memory is a database that continually captures translations as translators work on translation projects. Enterprise Translation Management Systems, such as TextUnited, can reuse existing translations, directly eliminating the need for…

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reduce website translation costs

10 Ways to Reduce Website Translation Costs

  If you’re reading this, you probably already understand the importance of website localization and how it can boost your global presence. You might also have identified some key target markets; if you haven’t got that far yet, don’t worry!…

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Advanced Translation Project Management at Text United

Translation project management can be time-consuming and overwhelming... you've probably heard that more than is necessary. The truth is, with the right tools everything can be handled in an easier way. We agree, however, that for a successful localization project,…

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Translation Memory vs Terminology: What’s The Difference?

To those who are new in the field of translation and localization, using dozens of specific terms interchangeably may be quite confusing. You've surely heard about the undeniable benefits of using translation memory and terminology, also often referred to as…

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Translation Memory: Why You Need It In Your SaaS Stack

Translation Memory, Terminology... you probably already heard something about it, but whatever that was, it's not enough! Translation Memory, also known as 'TM' is an absolute essential in an operational toolkit for the localization field.  But how does it exactly…

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