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Managing translation projects can be time-consuming and overwhelming… you’ve probably heard that sentence more than is necessary. The truth is, with the right tools everything can be handled in an easier way. We agree, however with the idea that, for a successful localization project, you will need the right Translation Management System (TMS) that enables advanced project management and collaboration features.

An advanced TMS should provide the following features:

New Features of Translation Project Management 

Text United provides all of the above and even more! Our TMS has all the necessary tools for managing your localization project and today we will present two new features – just keep on reading!

#1. Choosing a Project Manager while setting up the project

While it was previously possible to change the Project Manager after a project had been created, now it’s possible to choose them in the initial project setup. This feature provides your business with more control of the project itself and ensures the hassle-free translation project management. The default Project Manager for every project is the person who created it.


From now on, you can easily select the Project Manager from the list of users in your team when you are creating a project. After the setup is finished, the chosen Project Manager will receive a notification about the new project.

#2. Adding an In-Country Reviewer while editing project details

The project details page contains essential features to manage your project. This includes options to:

Additionally, from now on it’s possible to add an In-Country Reviewer to the project from the Project Details page.


The In-Country Reviewer’s role is to review and approve the translated content to ensure a higher quality of the translation. While the Project Manager has the options of previewing and leaving comments for each translated segment, the In-Country Reviewer has additional options to accept or reject translated segments. Both team members can also add reference images for each segment individually.

The project creator for internal localization projects will be the ICR by default for each translation project that they create unless they specify otherwise in the Desktop App.

Translators will receive notification for each comment entered by an ICR or Project Manager. Thanks to this they can filter out approved or rejected segments in the translation editor and correct them according to the feedback from the reviewer. Additionally, segments with comments can also be filtered out as well.

Are you ready for an easier-to-use, more advanced translation project management?


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