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Tag: Software Localization

XLIFF localization translation

Translation of XLIFF files

What is XLIFF? XLIFF is a dedicated XML-based format standardising data with language-related content. The standard improves the exchange interoperability of such data between systems. XLIFF format lets translators concentrate on translating the text without worrying about text layout or…

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VoC: Leveraging the Voice of Customer

"There is a paradox in hotel marketing, where hoteliers rely a lot on images to "let them speak for themselves". In an industry where everything revolves around people, hotel marketing focuses on product pictures. People are longing for connection and even more…

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software localization

Software Localization vs Software Internationalization

The terms translation, localization and internationalization are often used interchangeably, despite actually referring to very different processes. We’ve unpicked some of these differences in our blogs on Website Localization vs Website Internationalization, Translation vs Localization vs Transcreation and Local vs.…

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How to translate an app for iPhone?

  Looking to translate an app for iPhone? Fear not, it isn't quite as complex as you might first imagine and is certainly worth doing to engage a wider audience! The app. First fully introduced to the world back in…

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How to translate JSON files effectively?

Translation of JSON files for dummies. Let's simplify the task of translating a JSON file with smaller steps. First, let's look at the basics. What is a JSON format? In short, JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format that is easy…

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xml files

How to translate XML files effectively?

  XML is widely popular because the XML file structure enables you to separate content from its form and categorize data in a way that can be processed by software. What is XML? The XML (Extensible Markup Language) file format…

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