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Localizing Payment Methods – BNPL in the Global Market

If you’ve decided to go global with your business, you’ll already know that good localization is the key to success in any international market. This involves much more than just making sure your translations are up to scratch. The most…

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website translation guide

The Ultimate Guide To Website Translation

Getting started with website translation We’ve spoken before on the importance of translating your website when looking to new markets and audiences. Although we are exceptionally proud of the TextUnited services, like most things, we believe that choice is King.…

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global eCommerce

Global eCommerce and the Pandemic: Reports

The current pandemic has forced us all into what has been described consistently as a ‘new normal’. While we await vaccinations with bated breath, the disparity between how different industries have been affected is gargantuan. The hospitality industry has been…

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translation memory

How To Translate An eCommerce Website

  eCommerce can be a fickle business A strong product can launch your eCommerce site into the spotlight at breakneck speed. With the advent of social media, news spreads like wildfire, and something previously unknown can become an overnight global…

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multilingual SEO

SEO and UX in e-Commerce Localization

With a myriad of language service providers at your disposal, introducing your e-commerce to foreign markets has never been easier. Nevertheless, a simple translation may not quite be enough. We can’t overstate the importance of localization when it comes to…

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What to Focus on Before eCommerce Localization?

5 questions to ask yourself regarding eCommerce Localization Your business is growing, and you’re looking to break into the global market. Fantastic! You’ve probably heard a lot about why eCommerce Localization is a must - but where do you start?…

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multilingual product catalogue

How to Maintain a Large Multilingual Product Catalogue

  Creating a product catalogue for your eCommerce website is a massive task in and of itself. Now, having to create and maintain a multilingual product catalogue in various languages may seem like an impossibly daunting undertaking. Maybe when you…

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