What Enabled Us To Create The Fastest Translation Services?

What Enabled Us To Create The Fastest Translation Services?

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You may already know that we launched TUFT – Text United Fast Translation, the fastest translation services available online, at the most affordable price; as our separate product.

But how are our services the fastest? What does the fastest even mean in the world of translation? And how did we make it happen? Keep on reading, because this is what we will focus on in this blog.

Mission #1: the fastest translation services

TUFT stands for the fastest and the most affordable translation services on the market up to date and it offers three levels of quality: machine translation, machine translation + human review, and professional human translation.

As machine translation and machine translation and human review already have pretty impeccable speed, we decided that we can make it even better by applying our Repetition Detection feature.

This feature allows us to translate repetitive phrases only once and apply the translated version throughout the whole text. This results in even higher speed, but most importantly, it lowers the overall translation price. What about professional human translation?

Mission #2: the fastest human translation services

To create the fastest human translation services, we improved our core backend functionality that was used to handle so-called fast projects from clients.

Machine translation is oftentimes not enough to satisfy the quality levels needed for professional localization projects and the demand for delivery deadlines increases nonetheless. That’s why we got motivated to create an ideal solution for clients who need to have their content translated in less than 24 hours (or even less).

How does it work?

Once you submit your project for professional translation, it starts automatically – we notify a team of translators about your project, and the person who accepts the translation job will start working on it immediately. That’s why we call it fast projects and that’s why TUFT is an acronym for Text United Fast Translation.

Translation teams

We carefully pick experienced translators for a specific language combination. These translators work with Text United on a regular basis and are part of the teams that are used to work with fast projects. Therefore, they are ready to translate as soon as you upload your files to the system.

We have multiple English to German translators available, so when a fast project in this language combination is ordered, all of them are notified about the project. This way you don’t have to wait if a translator is unavailable at the moment, the project will be translated by the first human translator who is available.


The delivery times depend on the language combination and time of order. Some language combinations are more common than others but we usually deliver the translation within 24 hours. Machine translation and human review projects will be delivered within 12 hours for the most common language combinations (such as English to Spanish, English to German, etc.)


Unlike other services in the market, we don’t charge you a fixed rate. Our human service rate is based on direct access to a translator, and the best current market rate is used for a given language combination. We also adapt our rates per language combination while prices are changing on the market.

File types and formatting

TUFT has a rather large portfolio of file types that can be uploaded for translation. These include simple .docx, .csv, and txt files to more complicated ones like .json, .xliff, and PO. A great benefit of TUFT is that files are and returned in the same file format with the same text formatting.

Are you ready to use the fastest translation service online?

With the combination of our technology, expertise, and dedicated service, our clients enjoy high-quality translations that cost them less and less each time.

If you want to find out yourself how it works, don’t hesitate to visit TUFT by clicking on the banner below:

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