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Category: machine translation

edit distance

Edit distance metrics for machine translation post-editing

Edit distance provide a valuable framework for evaluating machine translation quality by measuring the differences between the original machine-translated content and corrected translation by a human translator. In this article, we will explore the impact of edit distance metrics on…

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation

AI Revolution & Unlocking its Secrets for Business Success

The dawn of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era is reshaping the business landscape, presenting unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Dive into this comprehensive guide to decode the intricacies of artificial intelligence and learn how to leverage its power effectively for business…

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machine translation post editing

Machine Translation Post-Editing. Combining Human and Machine.

The drive to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality has led to new methodologies in the ever-evolving world of language and translation. At the forefront of this innovation is Machine Translation (MT). Leveraging advanced algorithms and vast linguistic databases, MT can…

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machine translation future

Translation platforms’ revolution. Part 6

Revolution #4 Automation & AI   The fiction spun by writers of the past is now becoming a reality woven into our lives. In 1979, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" playfully imagined the Babel fish's instant translation ability, unknowingly inspiring future…

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AI cloud translation platform

AI-driven translation platforms. Part 2

In a time when AI and cloud systems skillfully create a range of technological wonders akin to modern magic, we embark on a voyage of exploration that reveals the captivating core of AI cloud translation platforms. This journey transforms the…

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translation memory

Translation Memory – what is it?

A Translation Memory (TM) is a term describing a database with multi-language content. Why is such a database becoming a key enterprise asset, and should you pay attention to it? There are several answers, dating from the old-school translation practice.…

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fast translation setvice

What Enabled Us To Create The Fastest Translation Service?

TextUnited launched  Fast Translation (codename TUFT) - the fastest translation service available online, at the most affordable price. But how are our services the fastest? What does the fastest even mean in the world of translation? And how did we make it happen?…

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machine translation engines

What is the machine translation post-editing (MTPE)?

Machine translation post-editing has become one of the cornerstones of the translation industry in the last few years. But what exactly is machine translation post-editing (MTPE), and is it good for your business? MTPE is a translation process in which a…

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machine translation NMT

Free Machine Translation Engines, the best so far

  Free Machine Translation Engines: Top of the Class AI and machine learning have advanced dramatically in the last ten years. We are witnessing them permeate all sectors and industries, including translation. Machine translation engines are not necessarily new. But…

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