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Continuous localization of software

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Technically, we’re in the background.

It works with your environment.
PO, JSON, Java properties, iOS strings, XLSX, CSV, RESX, YAML, XML, ASPX, XLIFF, XMB, PHP, HTML, TXT, INI.

Auto-detect of changes and continuous translation can be integrated with your GitHub or BitBucket.

New strings are automatically identified and sent for translation, but only the strings: Your code stays safe out of the reach of translators.

‘A joy to use. We are so incredibly thankful that such a product exists!’

‘It is simple enough for our team of volunteers but has powerful features that make implementing translations easy. The translation memory feature is the best example of this, saving an uncountable number of hours by automatically filling in words that have been translated before. The ability to collaborate on a project and work together is also incredibly efficient and allows us to serve our product to new demographics we could not reach before. ’

Husayn Jamal, President and CEO at Federation of Canadian Secondary Students

Continuous Translation of Software

Sim-ship your software in many languages, by engaging translators while your coders are still busy. One-click setup automation with Github and Bitbucket included!

Translation Memory & Terminology

Fully featured professional language tech with translation memory, propagation of repetitions, fuzzy and context matching, concordance search, and terminology management.

Translation Management System TMS

Oversee translation projects through an integrated translation platform. Control costs, translation teams and deadlines from a dedicated dashboard.

Translators, Machine or Both

Translate your software with human translators, or run machine translation to obtain a first draft. It can always be improved by humans at the next step.

Screenshots & Comments

Provide as much reference material to your translators as needed! Let them post questions in comments, which can be answered by your team.

Quality Assurance

The brilliantly smart way to review, edit and comment on translations in context, directly within your web software.

Translate ALL your digital content, not just software.

Brilliantly easy way to ensure consistency between your software, help and marketing content.

Terminology consistency between your software and help content in many languages is a trademark of the high quality software product.

Consistent linguistic style provides the same look & feel in many languages for the whole user journey, from the pre-sale marketing to support requests.

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