Software localization

Brilliantly easy translation for Developers.

Strings are encapsulated, code is secure.

Technically, we’re in the background

We use a web hook to GET .xml files containing strings

Continuous translation and versioning can be managed with GitHub or BitBucket

New strings are automatically identified and set up as translation projects in the background

‘A joy to use. We are so incredibly thankful that such a product exists!’

‘It is simple enough for our team of volunteers, but has powerful features that make implementing translations easy. The translation memory feature is the best example of this, and saves an uncountable number of hours by automatically completing words that have been translated before. The ability to collaborate on a project and work together is also incredibly efficient and allows us to serve our website to new demographics we could not reach before. ’

Husayn Jamal, President and CEO at Federation of Canadian Secondary Students

Don’t have a translation team yet?

Hire verified translators from our marketplace or let us drive translation for you!

250 words translated by human translators are included in the monthly subscription.

Any additional 500 words of translation cost approximately $50.

Localize your business, start translating!

Immediate setup, no credit card required.

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