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How Do I Make My WordPress Site Multilingual?

Used by 41.4% of the top 10 million websites worldwide, WordPress dominates the realm of Content Management Systems. Simple to operate, open-source, and free, the system is highly adaptive, giving users the power to put SEO first. Imagine being able…

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Free Machine Translation Engines, the best so far

  Free Machine Translation Engines: Top of the Class AI and machine learning have advanced dramatically in the last ten years. We are witnessing them permeate all sectors and industries, including translation. Machine translation engines are not necessarily new. But…

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Localization Industry Trends

Localization Industry Trends for 2021

Designed by Macrovector / Freepik In late 2019, when we were writing the article for the top localization trends for 2020, we did not anticipate an unusual year. Come to think of it, none of us could have predicted just…

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Exploring ‘Machine Translation and Human Review’ Approach

Machine translation translates source content from one language into one or more other languages. The best example of such a tool is the one that we probably all tried at least once, with varying results - Google Translate. After all…

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How to improve quality of Google Translate website translations

All businesses that want to expand their growth to a global level will sooner or later face the question of what is the best way to translate their web content. An incredibly fast pace of improvements and breakthroughs in machine…

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