Ensuring Precision in Translation: Optimizing Your Content for Global Audiences

Any business user who orders translation expects their company’s terminology, tone of voice, and linguistic style to be reflected perfectly in the translation.

But how to ensure it when translators may only sometimes have the necessary company insider information?

TextUnited professional translators are experienced, educated linguists who deeply understand the target language and culture and have subject-domain expertise. They are familiar with the target language’s nuances, idioms, and expressions as native speakers.

Still, they may need some help to fully understand how your company and brand want to formulate certain content for your target audience and what terminology to consider when translating.

Understanding In-Country Review: Enhancing Translation Quality

In the context of translation, an in-country review is a critical step in the quality assurance process. It involves appointing a person familiar with both the target language and your company’s nuances to evaluate the translated content. This reviewer, ideally an employee or a partner familiar with your brand, plays a crucial role in ensuring that the translation aligns with your company’s tone, style, and terminology.

The in-country review feature, offered by TextUnited, facilitates this process by allowing stakeholders to provide insights and feedback during the translation phase. This proactive approach significantly contributes to refining translations and optimizing the system for future content, enhancing overall translation quality.

Bridging the Information Gap: Leveraging In-Country Review

The in-country review feature addresses this information gap by allowing you to fill in the necessary knowledge with minimal burden. 

If you want to take advantage of this powerful feature, which TextUnited offers at no cost, consider appointing someone very close to your company (an employee or a partner/dealer would be great) and who speaks the target language. Ideally, it is a person who will use the translated content.

Once you identified such a person:

  1. Send the contact information to the TextUnited project manager. The person will be added to your project as an in-country reviewer.
  2. Ask the in-country reviewer to log in to the TextUnited system occasionally to glance at translators’ work and leave feedback.
  3. Make sure the in-country review happens during translation, not after.

What if you cannot appoint an in-country reviewer?

Of course, establishing an in-country reviewer is not always possible. In such a situation, you rely on translators’ competence, but you have to accept a certain margin of imperfections in their choices of terminology and style. In opposition to translation errors, translators do not correct these imperfections once a project is complete!

Investing in Translation Quality: Future-Proofing Your Content

Making an effort and appointing an in-country reviewer is the best investment in your translations. This not only benefits your current project but also enhances how the system will translate your content in the future.

For additional guidance or clarifications, reach out to one of our project managers. They are dedicated to assisting you through this process and optimizing your translation experience.