What is a revision in a translation project?

Revision of a translation is an essential step in the translation process to complete the translation accurately.

The revision’s focus is comparing the translation to the source content. It includes checks for accuracy and correction of specialized terms. Additionally, it addresses grammar errors to ensure that the overall translation conveys the source meaning.

Who is a revisor?

A revisor is a linguist who specializes in the domain area of the source content. Ideally, their mother language is the target language of translation.

Revision process according to ISO 17100

ISO 17100 defines revision as the “examination of target language content against source language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose”.

It also states, “the revisor shall either correct any errors found in the target language content or recommend the corrections to be implemented by the translator”.

“Any errors or other issues affecting target language content quality should be corrected and repeated until the revisor, and Translation Service Provider (TSP) are satisfied. The revisor shall also inform the TSP of any corrective measures he has taken”.

Why is the revision mandatory according to ISO 17100?

ISO 17100 covers the core translation process and all related aspects of providing the service, quality assurance and traceability. This standard offers both translation company and their clients a description and definition of the entire service.

ISO 17100 defines “the translation process where quality is guaranteed not only by the translation, which is just one phase in the process but by the fact of the translation being checked by a person other than the translator (a revisor). Secondly, it specifies each project participant’s professional competencies and their selection criteria, mainly translators, reviewers, revisors and proofreaders”.

In the ISO 17100 standard, revision of any translation is mandatory as it enormously improves quality, ensures terminology consistency and eliminates errors. The standard is recognized worldwide and is solid proof of the quality of service provided.

Revision in TextUnited Translation System

TextUnited is a publisher of a cloud-based Translation Management System. This system streamlines translation processes through automation and orchestrates the work of internal and external translators as well as machine translation engines and terminology systems.

Revision is embedded in the TextUnited Translation System and complies fully with ISO 17100.

As a certified ISO 17100 service provider, TextUnited allows users to obtain managed translation services. These services include revision and meet the standard requirements about the qualifications of translators and revisors.


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