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Category: E-commerce

Art of Multilingual SEO

Unlock Global Markets: Master the Art of Multilingual SEO

In the current landscape, small to medium-sized enterprises can effortlessly reach global markets, facilitated by lower international communication and shipping costs. Initially targeting local or national audiences, these businesses often unexpectedly encounter increasing global demand, revealing new expansion avenues. To…

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Small Blue Flags

Multilingual Customer Support: 5 Tips to Speak your Customers’ Language

  There exists in the world of global customer support just two deadly sins: conjecture and sloth.   Too many companies are all-too-proficient in the art of making incorrect assumptions about what kind of support their customers want, where they…

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What to Focus on Before eCommerce Localization?

5 questions to ask yourself regarding eCommerce Localization Your business is growing, and you’re looking to break into the global market. Fantastic! You’ve probably heard a lot about why eCommerce Localization is a must - but where do you start?…

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Cold Storage Grocery Warehouse 

How to Maintain a Large Multilingual Product Catalogue

  Creating a product catalogue for your eCommerce website is a massive task in and of itself. Now, having to create and maintain a multilingual product catalogue in various languages may seem like an impossibly daunting undertaking. Maybe when you…

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Mitigating Human Error to Preventing Cloud Security

How to translate JSON files effectively?

Translation of JSON files for dummies. Let's simplify the task of translating a JSON file with smaller steps. First, let's look at the basics. What is a JSON format? In short, JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format that is easy…

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How Can Localization Benefit Your Business?

We always stress how important it is for businesses to localize their content into other languages. In the past couple of weeks, we have discussed which languages you should localize your website into, and what all the different approaches to localization actually…

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The Importance of Internal Search Engine Localization

On-site search, also known as an Internal Search Engine is simply a search option on your website. Why is it important, you ask? Well, it's pretty easy to imagine that every person browsing the world wide web is looking for…

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