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Streamline your eLearning content

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Plugin translation into your LMS platform to break the language barrier for your education and training materials via a streamlined process.

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Knowledge, the backbone of your organisation

Knowledge, the backbone of an organisation
As an organization serving a multilingual customer base or supporting a multilingual employee base, ensure that courses, training materials, webinars, how-to videos and tutorials are understandable, culturally appropriate and locale-specific.
We support companies from small startups to large enterprises, translating and localizing their content – regardless of the industry – making the process as pain-free as possible to deliver high-quality translations to their users.
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The right translation tools for the job

Content Authoring
Integrated approach Translation of eLearning content involves a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including internal authors and reviewers, external translators and …. machines. Orchestrating the work in one system like TextUnited helps to achieve the speed, quality and scale required for fast-paced educational content.
File Formats and media files
File Formats and media files E-learning content is omnichannel, so its localized version should be too. TextUnited solves an age-old problem of some files being difficult to translate. Our 30+ files conversion toolkit includes support for SCORM, XLIFF, XML, JSON and PO files.
Modular and customisable

Modular and customizable With LMS systems like Articulate, Elucidat and Docebo, you can create complex interactive content with multiple layers and non-linear pathways. Still, it presents a challenge if you translate and localize it to a specific market or region.
We work closely with your eLearning development team to ensure that the content’s design is well-structured and can be translated easily.

Translation & localization
Reuse translations All translations done by humans are stored in your Translation Memory and automatically used again. The more content you translate, the more affordable it becomes. Applying your custom terminology with the machine translation engine and translators’ workflow dramatically increases your translations’ linguistic quality.
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Powerful technology guided by AI

Capture Multilingual Video & Audio Feedback
Educational videos
Add AI technology to a streamlined workflow with linguists and human voice talent to extend the reach of your video content with subtitles or dubbing.
Capture Multilingual Video & Audio Feedback
Language quality assurance
Automate QA linguistic checks so your content is consistent across the languages and channels. Ensure the integrity of your translated files, and eliminate risks of breaking your localized courses.
Capture Multilingual Video & Audio Feedback
Custom machine translation
Ensure the automated translations are fined-tuned to use your preferred terminology and style. Save time and money by focusing your linguists on your most important content.
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Empowering education and eLearning globally

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We have proudly supported some truly amazing and change-making organisations in getting information in-front of important stakeholders, customers or partners. We run by the motto “we speak your language so you can speak theirs”
The TextUnited team combines extensive knowledge and experience in publishing, translating, and localizing with advanced eLearning technology. Not only our experience in a variety of authoring tools but also our tailored approach for customized solutions to fit your needs exactly.
We use an elegant mix of artificial intelligence and human expertise, coupled with loads of useful integrations so that this process can be streamlined – and moreover, customised to your organisation’s needs and game plan.

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All-in-one localization

We run all of this around our native Translation Management System TMS, which is aimed to make your life easier and your project more cost-effective.

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What can TextUnited deliver for multilingual eLearning?

We support localization of eLearning materials such as:

video and animations (including subtitling and voice-over), Office documents and various files, instructions and help articles, websites and mobile applications, software applications and eCommerce content.
Our managed localization services include: transcreation, quality assurance, translation project management, translators sourcing, eLearning software development.


What is the difference between the translation and localization of eLearning content?

The translation is the process of translating text from one language to another. Localization is adapting a product or service to a specific market.

This means that the translated content preserves the original meaning, but localized content is also adapted to be more relevant for the target audience. During localization, consider elements like date formats, measurement units, images or fonts, for example. As a result, the localized content feels explicitly prepared for the particular local market.

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