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Category: Translation Industry

textunited iso certified translation services

TextUnited translation services awarded ISO17100 certification

TextUnited is pleased to announce a certification of its enterprise translation services according to ISO 17100. The certification provides evidence of compliance with international standards for quality management and process management in the field of translation services. Auditors of the…

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customer support

How To Provide Multilingual Customer Support (in 2021)

It’s all very well investing in top-tier marketing campaigns to attract new customers; but what about the ones you’ve already got?    Aside from the fact that customer acquisition is getting increasingly expensive, your existing customers are more likely to…

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multilingual customer support

Multilingual Customer Support: 5 Tips to Speak your Customers’ Language

  There exists in the world of global customer support just two deadly sins: conjecture and sloth.   Too many companies are all-too-proficient in the art of making incorrect assumptions about what kind of support their customers want, where they…

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Localizing Payment Methods – BNPL in the Global Market

If you’ve decided to go global with your business, you’ll already know that good localization is the key to success in any international market. This involves much more than just making sure your translations are up to scratch. The most…

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localization mistakes

How To Avoid Cultural Mistakes in Localization

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that bad translation can cause big problems in business. We’ve all heard about companies learning this the hard way with infamous translation fails. So how do you avoid these pitfalls? The answer is good…

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spanish translation

European vs Latin America Spanish Translation

According to Ethnologue, Spanish is currently the 4th largest or most spoken language in the world. It’s hardly surprising, then, that we included it in our Top 10 Languages for Localization back in 2020. With Spanish being so widely spoken…

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in country reviewer

The In Country Reviewer Role in Translation

When talking about the importance of localization, we often overlook the integral people who make it possible. An In-Country Reviewer, or ICR, offers an elegant solution when it comes to translation and localization. Generally speaking, an ICR will be a…

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communication and technology

The Relationship Between Communication and Technology

Miscommunication within and between businesses has costs, both obvious and hidden. Be it time wasted, opportunities missed, potential unrealized, or sales unmade. A report from Marlin Communications found that the annual monetary impact of miscommunication alone in large US enterprises…

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Localization Industry Trends

Localization Industry Trends for 2021

Designed by Macrovector / Freepik In late 2019, when we were writing the article for the top localization trends for 2020, we did not anticipate an unusual year. Come to think of it, none of us could have predicted just…

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