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Category: Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: e-Learning For Kids

With school closures across the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic, education has been massively disrupted for millions of young people over the past year. However, many school-aged children were missing out long before we had even heard of Covid-19.…

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Customer Spotlight: European Resuscitation Council (ERC)

Witnessing a cardiac arrest: a distressing and pressurised situation in which the average person would probably rather not find themselves.   In such moments, having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to administer CPR or correctly use a defibrillator can mean…

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supply chain transparency

Customer Spotlight: COSA – Supply Chain Transparency

  Of the many flaws inherent in modern agriculture, there’s reason to consider this as the most devastating: 2/3rds of the world’s poorest people are farmers in developing countries. These farmers, most of whom earn their living from a plot…

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