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The Text United Translation Platform is an excellent fit for businesses which expect high-quality translation for demanding content: technical, software, legal, medical or marketing. Powerful and feature-rich, it is a scalable solution, from hundreds of micro-jobs on autopilot per day to one-off large projects amounting to millions of words.

Everything under one roof.

Digital translation can be a complicated job, but the tools to manage it shouldn’t be. Text United is intuitive, keeping your translation projects organized, in-sync, and ready whenever your business needs them.

All the control you’ll ever need.

  • Connecting websites, blogs, apps, cloud drives or marketing automation systems doesn’t require any coding. Once connected, they stay up-to-date in many languages.

  • Professional-grade CAT tool, Translation Memory, Terminology and Continuous Translation are combined in one brilliantly easy platform which scales as your needs grow.

  • Text United is a human translation platform, but users have the option to use machine translation, and also to post-edit translations generated by the MT engine.

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