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Case Study – CATS
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See how we helped CATS build an automated workflow

CATS helps thousands of companies from all over the world to fill their hiring needs. Their customer base includes one-person recruitment shops and Fortune 500 operations.
CATS put a lot of effort into making their software available for a greater international audience. And they understood that to accomplish their goal, translating their platform is a great way to go. However, CATS found it challenging to maintain complete translation coverage since they continually improve their system with new features.
The Challenge
A process that was thirsty for automation: Providing the ultimate applicant tracking system for recruiters worldwide, CATS ensured its software would be easy to use and multilingual. They had been sourcing internationalization for many individual projects from the very beginning, updating chunks of the app at various times in different languages.
Previously, CATS’ localization consisted of a 3-step process:
  1. Developers wrote the code, wherein they mark various bits of text that needed translation; a single sentence or even just an individual word.
  2. Once a new page, or feature, was added, its bits of text were included automatically in a list of English to translate.
  3. In case the list was too long, they manually sent off untranslated portions of that list to third party translation services. Once translated, they imported the files back into CATS.
While part of the process was automated, most of it was still manual, taking too much valuable time from the team. Instead of focusing on developing the system with new features and upgrades, they had to coordinate with third-party translation services and deal with the manual import. CATS was looking for a translation system with automated workflows that could integrate into their system.
The Solution
Building an automated workflow: As a software company with a complex product (applicant tracking system), CATS was looking to automate translations into a dozen languages without interfering with the development process.
They also needed human translation services from trusted translators, who could help them localize their product. We sat down with CATS’ developers, and we agreed to run the continuous translation through API.
Through this setup, CATS can send individual strings, or whole batches, for translation straight from their repo to the Text United system with the click of a button. The content is then analyzed by our system, compared to any previously translated content, and the new content is then made available in the cloud-based editor to translation teams set up by Text United.
With the translation services included in the subscription, the CATS team does not have to deal with cost estimates, rates, and the like. The projects are kicked-off immediately, reducing the turnaround time and taking this worry from CATS’ mind.
If CATS wants, they can track the project progress in real-time, comment on translations, add reference files, and much more. Translators can also directly communicate with the client through project-based comments, which removes the email clutter, and helps manage the localization tasks.
Once the translators are finished, the translated content is sent back directly to CATS’ repo. All in all, it is a seamless solution for a team of developers who don’t want to lose time worrying about the translation process. With the custom process in place, they can now focus on improving their product and knowing that the localization is handled in the background and ready whenever they need it.
The Outcome
CATS are witnessing incredible changes in their translation process, especially in step number 3.
Thanks to the Text United API, CATS have been putting their translations on auto-pilot. Now, their developers have more free time to create more features for their system. Eventually, helping to increase their customer satisfaction.
CATS’ workflow and translation processes have been optimized and perfected since switching to Text United.
“Hands down, it is the ability to automate the translation request process. We’ve integrated with TU’s API. Specifically, we replaced the third step from that list above. Instead of occasional manual requests, we have a program checking to see if there are any bits of text in need of translation (and into which languages) and sending off requests. The translations are also automatically collected from TU and put into production as soon as they are ready.“
About the client
Designed and crafted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, the CATS Applicant Tracking System is delivered to hundreds of companies worldwide. The ultimate tool for professional recruiters, CATS Pro has everything you need to be a top performer in the competitive world of talent acquisition. Build your custom hiring process using our industry-leading workflow system.

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