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Line Breaks Matter in Translation

There are times when even the smallest details can make or break a localization project. In translation, line breaks, paragraphs, and headings can be just as problematic as word and phrase spacing. The issue with line breaks and drag-and-drop CMSs…

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How to Get Started With In-Context Website Translation?

What is in-context website translation and what are its benefits? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions and ended up here, then you’re in the right place. Context is highly beneficial in most aspects of life, and the translation is…

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myths about website translation

5 Myths About Website Translation

  Myths about website translation are a real hindrance and keep good businesses from approaching international markets well within their capacity. Cost and complexity are just two of the often-cited reasons that companies choose not to actively pursue translation and…

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What to Focus on Before eCommerce Localization?

5 questions to ask yourself regarding eCommerce Localization Your business is growing, and you’re looking to break into the global market. Fantastic! You’ve probably heard a lot about why eCommerce Localization is a must - but where do you start?…

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website translation guide

The Ultimate Guide To Website Translation

Getting started with website translation We’ve spoken before on the importance of translating your website when looking to new markets and audiences. Although we are exceptionally proud of the TextUnited services, like most things, we believe that choice is King.…

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How Can Localization Benefit Your Business?

We always stress how important it is for businesses to localize their content into other languages. In the past couple of weeks, we have discussed which languages you should localize your website into, and what all the different approaches to localization actually…

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How To Prepare Your Website For Localization?

Before making any decision to proceed with your website localization and to prepare for a project, you need to take multiple factors into consideration, including the potential target markets and existing competition in those locales. It’s important to equip yourself…

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How To Make Website Translation Process More Productive?

Around 90% of European users claimed that they would always opt for a product in their native language, and almost 73% confirmed that they are more likely to make a purchase when the service is offered in their mother tongue. If you're reading…

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Technicalities of International SEO Optimization

Growing your business globally means growing your website traffic and bringing international customers to you. You probably spend a lot of time creating and translating your content in order to do just that. That is an important step that should…

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