WordPress Localization

Text United Plugin for WordPress

A translation and localization plugin for WordPress websites

With the Text United WordPress plugin, you can turn your website multilingual with just a few clicks.
It is also SEO-friendly, so search engines will index the translated pages naturally.

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How does the Text United Plugin work?


your Text United account to the plugin

the translation settings within the plugin

the pages you want to translate

yourself or outsource to Text United

the translated pages into your website

Why should you download the plugin?

Use the Overlay Editor to edit machine-translated content in the graphic context of your website.

Take advantage of Translation Memory Technology, which reduces the cost of translation and increases the linguistic consistency of your translated content.

The embedded Terminology Technology will help maintain the same voice across your entire website and in all the languages.

What major pain is Text United for WordPress solving?

Chances are, your website is getting a lot of traffic from outside of your country. And that is a great thing, however, if your visitors cannot understand the content, they will most likely bounce.

Many companies fail to make their websites accessible in other languages because translating their content is costly and time-consuming too. We are helping you solve this pain and getting rid of manually translating your content for a foreign audience.

Now, you can easily translate and localize your entire WordPress website in over 170 languages with one plugin in a matter of minutes.

To start localizing your website, you need to install the plugin and have an active Text United account