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Cloud-based Translation Management
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Self-service system for localizing websites, software and files.
Automated, instantly synched, brilliantly easy to use.

  • TRANSLATION PLATFORM IN THE CLOUD A collaborative space for your external vendors and internal staff. Utilize professional language technologies including translation memory, terminology banks and quality management without additional third-party tools.

  • DESKTOP APP A full-feature professional localization tool to organize and translate projects in a streamlined yet powerful workflow. It can even be operated offline, if necessary.

  • OVERLAY EDITOR for web content. Allow translators to access projects in their full context instantly. Eliminate guesswork from the translation process.

  • TRANSLATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in sync with your content systems. One-click setup for continuous software localization with GitHub and Bitbucket. Connect cloud drives to automate file translation.

‘A central, cloud-based translation platform such as Text United allows Rosenbauer to organize translations in a more structured and efficient manner, previously impossible via email and “standard” translation software.’

Markus Dobler, Team Leader Technical Documentation at Rosenbauer | 5M+ Words translated!

Continuous Translation of Software

Keep up with changes and provide your team with multilingual versions rapidly, in-sync with the original language version. Automation included!

Translation Memory & Terminology

Full-featured professional language tech with translation memory, propagation of repetitions, fuzzy and context matching, concordance search, terminology extraction, glossaries and terminology management.

Translation Management System (TMS)

Enable global expansion through a central translation platform to deliver multilingual versions of your content, software and documents at lightning speed.

Professional Translators

Don’t have a translation team yet? Hire our verified translators or even let us manage entire translation projects for you!

All files types & Languages

Our localization team is here to guarantee professional translation into any language for any file type you send our way!

Website Translations

Take advantage of the brilliantly easy method for translation of web content. Simply provide a URL, and our translation software will take it from there!

Translation Management Service

Professional services including project management and translation services are available
for customers who need more than just a Translation Management System.


Personalized service, including a dedicated account manager, ensures peace of mind.


Our hands-on service for customers new to the nuances of the translation process.


Professional translators, your staff, public/private machine translation or MT+post editing. The choice is yours. Including ISO 17100, if required.


Compliant with policies, bound by NDA, free of the usual paper-handling hassle that’s so common with translation agencies.

Self-service translation for your business, start translating!

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