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Translation Management System
for Localization Managers

Shine as an localization professional using the next generation language system.

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  • TRANSLATIONS IN THE CLOUD A real-time access to translators, projects and all language assets like translation memories and terminology databases.

  • DESKTOP APP A full featured desktop application allows you to execute translation projects in a streamlined, yet powerful workflow.

  • TRANSLATION EDITOR Allow translators instanty access their projects in a browser. See in real-time what translators are doing, collaborate or even translate by yourself.

  • TRANSLATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Access all projects data, statistics, orders, language assets and your translation teams in a brilliantly simple system.

‘A central and cloud-based translation system such as Text United allows Rosenbauer to organize translations in a more structured and efficient manner, previously impossible with e-mailing and “standard” translation software.
Collaboration features, a robust translation memory, and terminology management tools efficiently produces accurate translations. ’

Markus Dobler, Team Leader Technical Documentation at Rosenbauer | 3M+ Words translated!

Continous Translation

Keep up with product development and provide multilingual content in sync, consistent with the original language version. Hassle free.

Translation Memory & Glossary

Under the hood you’ll find propagation of repetitions, fuzzy matching, context matching, concordance search, terminology extraction, glossaries and dictionaries. All of it just happening without you lifting a finger.

Multilingual Content Management System

Enable global expansion through brilliantly easy to use business tool for managing translation of your content, software products and documents.

Professional Translators

Don’t have a translation team yet? Hire verified translators from our marketplace or let us drive translation for you!

All files types & languages

Our staff is here to guarantee we can provide translations into any language out there and for each and every file you send our way.

Website translations

Take advantage of brilliantly easy way for translation of websites. Provide just and URL and the system will take it from there!

Translation Project Management

Professional services including project management are available
for customers who need more than a Translation Management System.


Personalized project management ensures peace of mind that your translations are in good hands.


Translation Project Management. Full support for customers new to the nuanced translation industry


Preparation of the best-suited services and translator sourcing options based on your needs and requirements.


Compliant with policies, open to NDAs, free of the usual paper-handling hassle that’s so common with translation agencies.

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30-day Free Trial. Unlimited Features.

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