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Working in a remote, distributed team is complicated enough – adding translation and language versioning on top of that would be a nightmare if it wasn’t for Text United. I don’t need to copy strings into Excel sheets and then paste translations back into resource files. Now it’s all automated, and I can focus on our code and algorithms!

Dariusz Ciesielski, CTO at | 50K Words Translated

Translation Management System

Use an intuitive web-based interface to upload, organize and manage all pending translation projects. Assign translators, set deadlines and run reports that matter


Continuous Translation

Automate your workflow to schedule checkups for new, untranslated content published within your software. Translations are in sync and no string remains left behind


GitHub and BitBucket Integration

Sync localization management with tools used by software developers to maintain consistency in code and in multilingual content


Project Management Services

Get help with setup, best localization practices, figuring out whether proofreading or desktop publishing is required for your projects



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All File Formats

Translate PHP, Javascript, .NET, Ruby, Python, Swift, Android and their framework variations. See full list of supported software translation formats here

220 Languages

We offer translations in German, English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and many more languages!

Collaboration inside the Platform

Our translators work with Startups, Software Houses, Digital Agencies, Development Agencies in various industries ranging from Medical, IT, Tech, Legal, Marketing, Manufacturing, and many more!

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30-day Free Trial. Unlimited Features.

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