Figma plugin

Text United for Figma

A translation and localization plugin

Translate designs in Figma using the Text United Plugin. The plugin allows you to connect to your Text United account, translate and localize content from your Figma design, and check how your design works in several languages, seamlessly.
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How the Figma Plugin works?

the text from your
yourself or outsource to
Text United
the translated text into
your design

Who gains value from the plugin?

Designers working with Figma can implement translated texts into their designs already at the design stage.
Product teams building prototypes for new products can do testing in multiple languages without having to wait for prodction.
Marketers can continue creating landing pages in Figma, whilst receiving the translated copy directly into their layouts.

Why is Design Localization important?

Different languages will probably require a different design layout as not every language uses the same amount of space. For instance, if the source language is French, paragraphs are likely to be 30% longer than they are in English. Individual words located in menu items also tend to be longer. Languages that use Right-to-Left scripts require also additional UI ajdusments and changes in the layout order.
To start localizing your desings, you need to install the plugin and have an active Text United subscription
14-Day Free trial
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