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Frequently Asked Questions

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With the TextUnited WordPress translation plugin, you can easily connect your website to our system and kick off translations, with full flexibility, from within the WordPress system. It works by you choosing what language you want to translate from and into, adding a language selector and starting the project. Take a look at our integration page here to learn more

Assuming your landing pages have on average 500 words:

  • automatic translation of each landing page will cost approximately 0.12€ (0.135$)
  • human correction of the automatic translation will cost approximately 10€ (11.3$) per landing page. Human cost varies depending what languages are involved.

Note: A common usecase is to go with the human correction on the key landing pages only – for instance the marketing content. For such use case you need a system which can manage this process for the whole website, where parts are translated by a machine and some other parts are corrected by a human.

If you want visitors to find your website through search engine queries formulated in other languages, you need to translate the following elements of your website:

  • Visible content (text, images and other media) on landing pages
  • Invisible content of the website like pages’ metadata
  • User Interface like menu, widgets, footer, theme elements
  • Dynamic content and java scripts
  • Hreflang tags
  • Strings which compose URL addresses

Yes. Pages which are reaching the visitor’s browser are already translated, following the best practices recommended by Google

TextUnited translates pages always on the server-side, regardless if a user uses the WordPress plugin or scans the website from within TextUnited, using the scanner.

We work with you closely to develop a solution that fits the LMS you are using whilst cutting the whole labour intensity down to a minimum. This is a modular approach, made for your learning and training needs

Yes. We work with lots of different file formats, including SCORM, that will make translating internal training documents easy and painfree.

Yes. XLIFF is one of the most important formats used in software localization and mobile app localization. TextUnited is well versed in the XLIFF format and we have years of experience with many clients using this in the field of software translation

With our proprietary technology, we provide you with a range of tools all housed in one platform that allow intelligent translation, organisation, automation, coordination and tracking of your translation projects. Our platform allows you to pick and choose elements that best fit your needs – either through out-of-the-box solutions or versatile TextUnited REST API.

Yes. We can help you translate and localize your App, regardless of complexity and language needs. We specialise in making the process simpler, faster and cost-effective in the localization of your digital product(s).

TextUnited uses neural machine translation technology and works with hundreds of language experts to translate over 170 languages

Yes. Doing something as simple as translating your website opens your business up to new language groups and therefore new markets. Not only this, but it allows customers in those languages to better find you and understand your offering and ultimately buy more (and most importantly, return to buy again)

Yes. We can help you translate any communication touchpoint that you have with your clients, whether it be support via Zendesk, emails, forms or something else. We want to help you to speak the languages of your customer base, wherever in the world they are!

Yes. Not only this, but multilingual customer experience increases loyalty of existing clients and overall retention rates. It is becoming a must have, and is not just one single product. We will work with you to tailor a range of solutions that best serve your current customers and allow new customers to see you and buy with you. We take a personal approach to customer experience.

Translation memory is a database that continually captures translations as translators are working on your projects. It is created and maintained automatically by TextUnited and can be used again and again by your business.

TextUnited uses neural machine translation technology and works with hundreds of language experts to translate over 170 languages

The TextUnited Terminology Manager is a cloud-based tool to create, manage and approve company or product specific terminology. The terminology is used by the system to guide translators which terms to use and by the quality assurance features. In premium accounts, the Terminology Manager is integrated with machine translation engines, so produce higher quality machine translation output.

We have a Free Plan that is limited in the amount of words you can translate. Check out our Pricing options here

The default machine translation we use is Google Translate API from the Google Cloud Platform, but we also give you options of using other machine translation engines such as DeepL (your key), Microsoft Translator or, for premium accounts, our private TextUnited NMT engine. This means we afford you the freedom to connect to the technology you prefer, all from within our system

TextUnited uses neural machine translation engines, and we give you the option to select the best MT vendor for your language needs and complexity of project. This can all be done in our system and you can connect directly, giving you the power to pick and choose.

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