Home Office pt.2: Helping You to Work Remotely on Translation

Home Office pt.2: Helping You to Work Remotely on Translation

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Last time we spoke about translation workflows you could be implementing while working remotely. The other side of the coin is the various tools you could use to make your life easier.

This is why today’s blog post will be focusing on the building blocks of which the Text United platform consist of, and how they can enable you to work on your translations from home. We don’t have time to cover every single feature under the hood, but we cover some of them which are the most significant in the current situation.

#1. Flexible translation memories

You might have a lot of translation memories at hand, and you want the people translating your content to use them consistently. You also want to update your translation memories every time a project is completed.

Perhaps you have content that you previously translated, but you don’t have it saved as translation memory. It could be a collection of translated Word, Excel or XML files. In that case, you want to align the source and target content, so that it can be imported to a TM file.

Luckily, all these functions and tools can be found in one place, so you can constantly improve the consistency of your translations. It also doesn’t hurt that all of this lowers the amount of time you need to spend translating your content and saves you money.

#2. Express file preparation

Perhaps you need to translate Office files, or maybe you need to localize software file formats, such as XML, PO, or JSON. What if you need to handle InDesign files for your product catalogs?

Extracting the content that needs to be translated takes time. However, if you have an online tool that helps you upload your content and define what needs to be translated using dozens of different filters for various file formats – this might be just what you need.

Like this, you reduce the work needed to prepare the content for translation. Try out our online portal, and upload the files you need to translate – we guarantee that Text United will upgrade this part of your home office day.

#3. Interactive translation review 

It’s no secret that the review of the translated content is a phase that can take up a significant part of the whole translation process. The content needs to reach reviewers, they need to leave comments, this needs to be sent to the project manager, the project manager then needs to handle this with translators… What if the review was done in parallel with the translation process?

If you had an online tool which allowed you to add reviewers to the translation phase, it would enable everyone who is working on the project to collaborate, rather than wait for the other to finish. Regardless of whether you translate files or websites, you can simplify the communication and shorten the review phase significantly – this is exactly what you can do using our portal.

#4. Flash translations

Working remotely on translation can be time consuming. Sometimes, you need to translate something urgently. In other cases, you will have a very limited budget. These are all everyday scenarios, but there is a simple solution! This is the main reason we developed TUFT – Text United Fast Translation.

It’s meant to help simplify the whole translation process for clients, as many don’t have the resources to manage translation projects, especially in times like these.

We combined different tools and workflows into three easy translation options. When you upload your file for translation, you will see the different options and pricing, and you can select which one suits you best at the moment.


 #5. Remote interpreting

Last but not least, your conference calls. The amount of Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype calls have gone through the roof with the global quarantine in place.

If you are in the international business, chances are that sometimes you would have participants in the meeting who don’t speak a certain language well enough to have a meaningful conversation. You would need an interpreter, but of course, this is easier said than done at the moment.

Remote interpreting can be set up using our system as well. All you need to give us the link to the online meeting (like Zoom), and other basic information, such as the time and languages, and we will set up a remote interpreting service for you. In this way, you can organise your multilingual meetings without the interpreting headache.

 Remote working tools for translation can upgrade your home office routine

Is there anything else you need help with in these difficult times? Chances are that we can help you, so reach out to us. As always, there are no strings attached, but we would love to discuss your needs with you!

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