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New is always better

Oh, how we all do love brand new things! They say that new is always better… and as much as we agree to some extent, we also believe that making new, exciting stuff based on reliable solutions is the best idea ever. And as our ‘new’ is still in the ‘coming soon’ phase, we couldn’t just sit quietly and keep it to ourselves. Especially that our reliable functionalities are brought to a new extent of awesomeness.

Website translation and localization are important for going global

You know already that website translation and localisation are the keys to going global. Every foreign market you want to grow on craves proper website translation.  As your service goes global, you also want to keep growing and crossing the boundaries with translated and localized content that boosts your conversion rate along with globally improved SEO.

Leave the hassle

Website translation with Text United is another level! Our website translation system is partially automatic to increase time efficiency, still uses all the possible benefits of a human translation and avoids the messy labyrinth of data channels, like extracting, sorting and putting it back together. You can read about it in details and with a few cat metaphors illustrating the concept here.

New interface is in the making

Now, what we prepared for you guys is something special – a new, improved version of website translation interface with a demonstration available for all of our clients to test! Now we’re preparing a more beautiful and clear design (just look at this!) :



But first of all, the new website translation technology enables you to have the full process happening within the borders of your browser window:



The layer of an edition is automatically put on the website and first thing you need to do is to choose the language:



Yes, it is as modern as it looks! You can edit and change the translation of every component, including the text on the button. Yes, you can literally translate the entire website.



The magic of this technology is clearly visible when you understand that the contextualisation is happening automatically as well! Then you just need to confirm the final version of the proofreading section. You can translate literally all possible files.

From the menu in the upper right corner you can choose from all of the new options, ranging from components editor, translation memory hints, to proofreading options! Of course, you can hire a professional certified human translator any time if it is too much work.


Are you as excited as we are? We’d hope so! Stay tuned for more!


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