Website Translation Expectations vs. Reality

Website Translation Expectations vs. Reality

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When it comes to localizing your website, it’s completely normal to have certain expectations before the process starts, especially when you’re new to the subject. However, very often the reality looks a little bit different.

That’s why today we will talk about some practical examples which are based on our experiences with the people we talk to regarding website localization and our software solution. Let’s decode website translation expectations vs reality subject once and for all! 

#1. The plugin

Usually, when people look for a way to localize their website, they start with the basics. If the website is built in WordPress, they look at the WordPress plugins first, which is completely understandable.

After that, when they try to go and compare the options, they extend the search and come across our solution. Of course, one of the first questions is how we can integrate with the framework or the CMS they used to build their website, and whether we have a plugin as well.

The reality is that we are not bound by how the website is built, as our website translation solution does not connect to where the content is created (a CMS, for example), but to where it is displayed (the URL itself).

In other words, we just need the URL. We will simply crawl it and extract the content. Once translated, we will display it on the website directly via a line of JavaScript code on your homepage.

Website translation expectations: you have to choose a solution based on the technology you use for your website. The reality: there is no need for plugins and complicated integrations!

#2. The context

Another topic which often comes up in conversations is the context. Of course, when you first plan to localize your website, you read it everywhere that the context is extremely important. As a result, your website translation expectations are that if you are localizing your website, you have to provide translators with literally anything that can make their life easier.

The reality is that with classic website localization projects, there’s no such need! Since we use URLs to extract content, we then enable the localization of the website directly by placing all the content in the Overlay Editor.

The Overlay Editor is, in simple terms, a layer which we place over your actual website, making all the content editable for the translator. This way you can translate the content directly on the page where it has to be localized. Of course, nothing is visible to the public until you decide you want to publish the translation.

Website translation expectations: you must provide context to translators in all forms. Reality: the context is already there!

#3. New content

This is a really hot topic for websites with content that gets updated and changed regularly, such as e-commerce websites. How do we translate any new content once we translate the website for the first time? The usual website translation expectation is that you need to start everything from scratch. 

The reality is, however, that you don’t need to worry about the new content at all. With Text United, it simply comes back again to crawling of URLs! If there is new content which needs to be translated, you can simply rescan and sync the website.

Our system will find new content and, as a bonus, pre-translate everything which we can re-use from already existing translations, reducing the amount of work and effort you need to put into localizing the content.

 The reality is much better than you think

There you have it: the answers to the three most debated questions regarding website translation expectations vs. reality! If any of these questions prevents you from localizing your website into other languages, you can see that the issues are actually non-existent.

Reach out, and we can discuss any specific case or complex setup and workflow. In most cases, your problems can be resolved more easily than you thought, and it does not cost anything to talk about potential solutions!

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